Quick Christmas Gifts and Decorations

Have you made any quick Christmas gifts this year? Not only do these cute patterns make great quick Christmas gifts, but they also look great around your house. Are you ready for some fun ideas?

1. Sheep Balls by Dona Carruth. Do you give Christmas ornaments each year? Wouldn’t this be a fun one? It would also look great year-round in your sewing/crafting area.

Quick Christmas Gifts: Sheep Balls by Dona Carruth
© Dona Carruth

2. Mitten Garland Advent Calendar by Kathy Lewinski.
The whole string of mittens is so impressive. But even if you don’t want to knit all 24, you can certainly pick and choose. Hang pairs on your mantel. Knit them up as giftcard “wrapping”, or do a 12-days-of-Christmas this year, and make the other 12 next year!

Quick Christmas Gifts: Mitten Garland Advent by Kathy Lewinski
© Kathy Lewinski

3. Holiday Mice by Barbara Prime.
Don’t they look like they are on their way to grandma’s house? All they need is a little sack of presents.

Quick Christmas Gifts: Holiday Mice by Barbara Prime
© Barbara Prime

4. Wee Woodland Wuzzies by Barbara Prime.
If your Holiday Mice need some friends, you’ll love this pattern with more wee creatures!

Quick Christmas Gifts: Wee Woodland Wuzzies by Barbara Prime
© Barbara Prime

5. Snowball Buddies by Susan Claudino. I’d have a hard time doing just one of these, and I love that they are all wrapped up in their winter handknits. Cute for hanging, or sew a big button on the very bottom and they’ll stand up along shelves or mantels.

Quick Christmas Gifts: Snowball Buddies by Susan Claudino
© Susan Claudino

6. Never Not Gnoming by Sarah Schira.
Gnomes – how can you not love them? I’d have fun picking out their hat and body colors, and I like the handknit beards with this pattern.

Quick Christmas Gifts: Never Not Gnoming by Sarah Schira
© Sarah Schira

7. Tree Coasters by Amy Marie.
Everyone uses coasters, but not everyone has holiday coasters. These would be a fun gift along with a new mug and a hot chocolate mix!

Quick Christmas Gifts: Tree Coasters by Amy Marie
© Amy Marie

8. Tiny Window Cat by Sara Kellner.
I know you have friends and family cat-lovers, right? Don’t they need one of these? (I know I need one of these. Or several.)

Quick Christmas Gifts: Tiny Window Cat by Sara Kellner
© Sara Kellner

9. Christmas Trees Fairy Forest by Tatyana Korobkova
. This comes with 6 different tree patterns, so make a bunch and line them up on your mantel or shelf! (Or you can give them away. But I think I’d make them and not want to give them to anyone.)

Quick Christmas Gifts: Christmas Trees Fairy Forest by Tatyana Korobkova
© Tatyana Korobova

10. The Little House by Fifty Four Ten Studio
. Can’t you just see several houses sprinkled in among the Fairy Forest Christmas Trees (see above) on a shelf or above your fireplace?

Quick Christmas Gifts: The Little House by Fifty Four Ten Studio
© Fifty Four Ten Studio

Giving handknit gifts (or using them around your house) is always special and fun.
Bonus – our Christmas/Winter kits come with mini skeins of pretty holiday colors, perfect for many of these quick Christmas gifts patterns. If you make some of these ideas, tag us on Instagram (@theloopyewe) so we can see what you did!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. All photos used with permission from the designers. Check out their pages on Ravelry for more of their fun patterns!

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