Wollmeise June Camp Project Done and Oodle Winner!

How are you coming along on your June Camp Loopy project? Mine is done and I love it. I did the Tilted Texture Shawl our of Wollmeise Pure and the texture is so pretty in there. I think if I made it again I’d use a sport or dk weight, though. Probably Wollmeise Blend or Wollmeise DK. Even with aggressive blocking, it seems a little small. (It didn’t look small on the pattern photo.) For anyone else working on that one – does it seem a little small to you? Nice to knit, though. The pattern changes often enough that it helps prevent boredom.

We have contest winners to announce! Thanks to everyone who participated in our Oodle contest. It was fun going through and trying to pronounce some of those pattern and people names. Fun and near impossible. Our contest winner is Shoodlennoodlen from Goodleoodlergoodleoodle. 🙂  (aka Shannon from Georgia). Shannon wins one of our cool new Montgomery Street totes.

We also had a contest going on Facebook/Instagram for people who post their in-progress Camp photos with the hashtag #junecamploopy2017 or #camploopy2017. The winner gets 100 bonus points for our Loopy Reward Store! We did the randomizer for the winner of that contest, too, and that goes to makermaher (Amanda) on Instagram. Amanda – please email us so we can add your points to your account.

Speaking of our Loopy Rewards Store, we did a Facebook Live video showing the current prizes up close today. You might want to tune in and check it out.

Keep tagging us with your posts on Instagram and Facebook (#camploopy2017), as we will continue to do announced (and unannounced) drawings throughout the summer!

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  1. Mine also seems small! Even smaller than yours. I used a 5 needle guess I should have gone up a size. I love your color!!

  2. My Tilted Texture came out smaller than I thought it would too. I didn’t measure it though. I love it anyway. I was thinking of doing another.

      1. I went down one needle size, too. But I still was knitting at gauge, so I thought it would work fine!

  3. If I were to knit Tilted Texture again, I would be sure to knit it with different yarn. With aggressive blocking I could not reach the measurements listed in the pattern. I had to go down a needle size to get good stitch definition.

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Tilted Texture. I did mine in Enzo Sport and went up a needle size to six. I was also surprised at how small it was and since I had ordered extra yarn decided to extend the pattern beginning with the stockinette section because that’s where I was. People said it would look unbalanced but I don’t think it does because of the sharp angle of the row increases. I’m on the ribbing now and plan to extend that also. It’s been great fun to knit and when I knit another I will increase from the beginning.

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