New School Year, New Loopy Academy Projects!

unnamed-17It’s time for a new school year, and that means it’s time for a new Loopy Academy semester, too! We love watching you work through these beautiful projects, and it’s always fun to see the new things you come up with. Are you ready to jump in?

Why did we start Loopy Academy? We were talking about all of the different things that we wanted to learn how to do/make, but needed a little motivation to step out of our comfort zones. Thus – Loopy Academy was born. A virtual program for trying new things, developing new skills, making new friends, and participating in contests. It’s easy, simple and fun!

How does it work? We’ll give you 3 project assignments for the semester. You can do all three at once, or one every month, or do them all at the end of the semester – whatever works best for you. As long as you get them all done within the same semester, you get credit for completing it.

Loopy BusJust like college, you can jump in any time. Busy this fall? You can start in February, after our January Winter break. Or next fall. We have planned out projects/skills/challenges for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior years, and we’ll roll them out one semester at a time. Again, just like college, the projects get a little more challenging as you go along and build upon your skills. You can take a semester or year off any time that you need to. Just start back up with us when it works with your schedule.

To participate:

  1. Pick the semester you’d like to complete.
  2. Pick your patterns.
  3. Pop over to The Loopy Ewe to get your project supplies. (Supplies for the semester need to be purchased from Loopy between September and December of 2016.)
  4. Start knitting or sewing! All 3 projects need to be started and completed between 9/1/2016 and 12/31/2016.
  5. Upload photos to our Loopy Academy Photo Galleries showing your completed projects, by 12/31/16.
  6. When you have successfully completed two semesters of a “school year”, you get a fun reward from us! We keep track of which ones you have completed, so we know when it’s time to send you the reward.

Here are the challenges for the semesters, including the new ones for this year:


nOCsn1472667504Junior Year Yarn Semester 1 (Each project must use a minimum of 250 yards):

A pair of gloves with full fingers (no fingerless mitts)

A knitted or crocheted toy using more than one color of yarn. (You can add knitted clothes or make a set of toys to get the yardage required.) Some fun ideas at this link!

A project that incorporates bobbles or popcorn or nupps in the pattern.





Sophomore Year Yarn Semester 1 (Each project must use a minimum of 225 yards):

A pillow in a worsted or bulky weight yarn.

A project that has textured stitches in the body.

A project that has cables in the pattern.






Sophomore Year Yarn Semester 2 (Each project must use a minimum of 225 yards):

A project that includes both a solid and a multi-colored yarn in the same project.

A pattern that includes twisted stitches.

A pair of socks knit top down or toe up (whichever you are least familiar with.)




AevY11472667156Freshman Year Yarn Semester 1 (Each project must use a minimum of 175 yards)

A cowl in a multi-colored or self-striping fingering weight yarn.

A hat from a designer new to you, in a sport or dk weight yarn

A pair of mittens in a solid or semi-solid worsted weight yarn.






Freshman Year Yarn Semester 2 (Each project must use a minimum of 175 yards):

A project that has stripes of two or more colors in the design. (Not self-striping yarn.)

A project that has been felted or fulled.

A project that includes slipped stitches in the pattern.





Sophomore Year Fabric Semester 1 (Each project must use a minimum of 2  yards):

1 or more Zipper Box Bags (you need to use 2 yds. fabric, so a big one or sets of smaller ones)

A wearable project (like an apron or shirt or dress) that has embroidery featured somewhere on it.

A quilt or table topper or wall hanging that uses a mixture of cotton plus wool fabrics.





Freshman Year Fabric Semester 1 (Each project must use a minimum of 1.5  yards)

A drawstring bag or bags, depending on size.

A set of 4 placemats.

A seasonal wall hanging (including some quilting).






Freshman Year Fabric Semester 2 (The first two projects must use a minimum of 2  yards each, no min. on the pincushion):

PJ or Lounge Pants, capri length or longer.

A table runner from all solid fabrics (must include quilting)

A pincushion that includes at least two different fabric patterns or colors.





Q: I am new to Loopy Academy. Can I start with this Junior First Semester or do I have to go in order?

A: You don’t have to go in order. You can any semester you want to. It’s totally up to you. Any time you do complete both semesters of a year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) you earn a fun prize from us.

Q: What if I want to do more than one semester at the same time?

A: You can do that as well (you over-achiever, you)!

Q: I completed one of the three project assignments last fall and then got busy with other stuff. Can I finish the other two this semester and have it marked complete?

A: To get a complete for the semester, all of the projects need to be done in the same semester, with yarn or fabric purchased during that semester. Getting them done during the 4 month semester time period is part of the challenge, just like school. If you don’t finish a semester, you need to start over with new yarn and new projects. (Luckily there is no limit to the number of re-do’s you’re allowed!)

Q: I am going to do this semester, but then I’m busy in the spring and won’t be able to do Loopy Academy again until a year from now. Do you have to do it every semester?

A: Nope. You can hop in and hop out as it works with your schedule. We’ll keep track of which semesters you have completed so we know when we owe you prizes.

Q: Is there a way to participate using my stash yarn or stash fabric?

A: For Loopy Academy, we do require you to purchase the project yarn/fabric from us during the semester you’re completing.

Q. I need more pattern ideas. Where can I get them?

A. Log onto Ravelry and pop over to the Loopy Groupies. We have started new threads for Loopy Academy Yarn and Loopy Academy Fabric so you can talk about what you’re thinking and get some new ideas!

We can’t wait to see what you do with the challenges this semester!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. Junior year first semester lessons are going to be fun with new skills to learn! Looking forward to getting into some more Loopy Academy love of learning and sharing. Thank you Academy Staff.

  2. This semester is definitely going to be a challenge. I am going to think of it as classes I HAVE TO take vs classes I WANT TO take!

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