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Toys - Loopy - The Loopy EweToys are such fun to make, and they are one of the challenges for Loopy Academy Junior Year. You know Loopy Academy is all about stretching outside your comfort zone and learning new things (for most of us). Knitting or crocheting something 3-D is a stretch for many of us. But there are so many fun options out there! Here are some links to some of my favorites:

Alan Dart – I first saw his patterns in issues of Simply Knitting magazine and totally fell in love with what he does. (Have I made any of them? No! Do I want to make almost all of them? Yes!) I don’t have small kids to knit toys for, but these would be for me. 🙂 These Yuletide Gnomes are a favorite, but I also love Pearl the Knitter, the Nativity Set, Initial Imps, Albert and Mabel, Cyber Sam, Jack Frost, Night Owl, Kittie’s Knit Club, and Odd Job Man.

Rebecca Danger – My friend Sheryl and I told Julia (aka Knitting Daughter) that she should get married right away and have a baby just so we could knit her up a nursery from Rebecca’s adorable patterns. (Julia passed on that remarkable offer. Unbelievable.) I have knit up a blanket and monster from her fun Knit A Monster Nursery book. I particularly love Heroic Herschel, Maverick Mercury Monster, Vinny V, Basil the Boogie Woogie Brontasaurus (one of my WIP’s – must finish), and Robbie the Radiant Robot.

Susan B Anderson – I think Susan’s books were some of the first knitting books I purchased. I have always loved her fun designs. Of course my very favorite is Loopy, which she did for us last year! But I also love Fox in a Vest, Mary, Millie and Morgan, McHenry, Barn Cat, Sheep, and Knit Chickens.

How about making something for the upcoming holidays to sit on a shelf in your entry? Like Jack O’Lantern, Mr. and Mrs. Christmas, Harvest Time, Spooky Spider, Christmas Snowmen, Holly, Ivy and Steve (for the name alone. Steve. Hah!), Big Snowy Owl, and 3 Gnomes.

Or something just for fun? Like Monkey Jacobus, Sheldon, The Parlor Cat, Miss Gelato Giraffe, Poklon (I love his worried expression), Rollie, C is for Cat, and of course all of Julie Williams amazing designs.

I know some of you were having trouble finding softies big enough to use up 250 yards. Please note that for this challenge you can add in clothing for the toys, or even do sets of toys (like two of those cute Gnomes or Albert and Mabel from Alan Dart, or a boy and girl bunny from Julie Williams, or a big and small chicken from Susan B Anderson). The purpose of the challenge is to knit something you might not have considered before, to try a 3-D project, and to have fun!

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  1. Holly, Ivy and Steve!!! I’m laughing so hard! My first decision was Heroic Herschel but I keep changing my mind! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. I especially loved this blog post- I love every designer you mentioned. I’ve got Basil to finish too- he’s so cute so far! If it helps anyone, I’d also like to point out the pattern: Leila, Lydia and Lucas the Momma and Baby Monsters by Rebecca Danger. I get huge compliments on this one every time someone sees it and the yardage is perfect for LA and it is not fiddly at all for a toy. The finished project is a serious keepsake, just unbearably sweet.

  3. I’ve noticed that quite a few of these patterns do not have the required 250+ yardage. We need to be mindful of this right?

  4. I am not sure of the yardage…but Heidi Bear has a wonderful collection of patterns using crocheted hexagons. Friends of mine did the hippo in three different weights of yarn, yielding 3 very differently sized hippos!

  5. Adding in sets or accessories for the little creatures is wonderful for the yardage. Thanks! I’m looking at Rebecca Danger’s “Burpy Monster” for Dora’s (my Golden Retriever) new baby! I hope Burpy counts- he’s a monster but no stuffing. So maybe that won’t count?!

  6. Oh, Pokolon!
    You don’t need a small child to knit for – Pokie is going under the tree for my totally-not-a-child husband whose family always had dachshunds whe he was growing up.
    Thank you for mentioning this wonderful pattern!

  7. I was so excited that you had the knitted toys book I fell in love with the patchwork tortoise! Loopy paintbox will be great for this project.

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