September Monthly Mixer

Loopy-Monthly-MixerSeptember First! That means that Fall is just around the corner and I cannot wait. It is always my favorite season. I’m spending some time this weekend taking summer out of my house and adding in fall. Yay!

Because the return of September always makes me think of school, our September Mixer involves your school colors. You can pick from your high school and college colors. (For me that would be red/black, or blue/orange, or red/yellow. One high school, two colleges, one grad school which returned me to my high school red/black colors. So I will be choosing from red, black, blue, orange, and yellow.)

Yarn Mixer: Knit something containing one or more of your school colors.

Here are some knitting patterns that have caught my eye recently: Versus, Barmah Shawl, Groovy, Timber Bay, Beethoven Mitts, and The Girl in Me.

Fabric Mixer: Sew something containing one or more of your school colors.

Here are some sewing patterns that have caught my eye recently: AMH Dresden Plate, most of the things on this talented gal’s Instagram page, Scattered, and the stunning Lonestar quilts on this gal’s Instagram page. Wow. I need more hours in my day and more days in my week.

What are you going to make this month? Can’t remember your school colors? Google is your friend. 🙂

Sheri thinkingIneedtouseredandmaybebluetogether


  1. HI! I took the summer off and feel very out of touch. Has there been an announcement about Loopy Academy, Junior year yet?

  2. Perfect! My high school colors were orange and black and this morning I started Stained Glass shawl using Wollmeise in Sonne (orange) and I think the black I ended up with is Schwarz. Will I get this finished by the end of September?? Doubtful!

  3. My High School colors are Red and White and College, Orange and Blue. I think that I like Red and White best. Made a wonderful Loopy Alpaca scarf in those colors.

  4. Let’s see – I can either do red/black or blue/white/gray. Or maybe I should just finish all my other monthly mixers first – but what fun would that be. 🙂

  5. Hmm, I attended six different schools after high school, I’m going to have to think about colors. I know two of them were red and white.

  6. Yay! I hit the jackpot. WUSTL colors are red & green. I’m going to make socks with Inversibles-Cardinal Red/Forest Green from stash. This covers the St. Louis Cardinals and the campus is across the street from Forest Park. Win-Win.

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