Finished Projects and our Contest Winner!

I have a few finished projects to share. It feels good to get projects done, but I also have several projects waiting in “immediate-progress” (meaning in an ottoman in my family room that hides my most recent cast-ons), as opposed to the projects that are in “stalled-progress” and tucked away in my craft room in the basement….) In immediate-progress:

Sandbank out of Wollmeise Lace. (I tried one on in Claudia’s Wollmeise shop in Germany in December. The fit is wonderful. I don’t think the pattern photos do it justice.)
Line Break out of a new yarn
Architexture out of Hedgehog Sock
Reyna out of Fresh from the Cauldron
Pool and Conquer out of Wollmeise Lace

– And this list is not counting the quilts that I need to work on because I have a fabric problem. Or rather, a fabric buying problem. Not that it’s really a problem at all.

– It also doesn’t include the multitude of beautiful skeins I have added to my stash over the past several months, as we’ve added in so many gorgeous lines and wonderful new indie dyers. Nor does it include the skeins that have come from new indie dyers that we have yet to add to the website, but whose skeins I am itching to cast on.

Clearly I need more time in the day.

On to finished projects (which you may have seen if you follow us on Instagram or if you follow me on my own Instagram account.)

This new yarn from Malabrigo is on order and coming soon, but I was able to get one of the sample skeins and knitted it up. This is Caracol, a new bulky that comes with 95 yards to the skein and the pattern is Waltz through the Forest Cowl. I’ll let you know as soon as this arrives!

Caracol 1 The Loopy Ewe

Caracol 2 The Loopy Ewe

Then my June Camp Loopy project was done in our June Blue Moon Exclusive colorway, Lake Dillon.
The pattern is Fractal Danger. Although I call this one a Fractured Fractal because my row count got off and I didn’t “fracture” enough times. But I still like the scarf. 🙂

Trillian 1 The Loopy EweTrillian 2 The Loopy Ewe
My July Camp Loopy project was done in Madelinetosh Pashmina in the Celadon colorway. The pattern is Quaker Ridge Shawlette (which has been a buried treasure in my favorites list for a long time.) I have never done a beaded bindoff where every stitch had a bead, so that was new and interesting (and time consuming…)

Quaker Ridge 1 The Loopy EweQuaker Ridge 2 The Loopy Ewe



For August, I plan to do Open Sky with Rosy Green Wool Big Merino Hug. I’m going to use Blackberry Sorbet. That is going to be one luscious wrap, don’t you think?

So have you been working on anything besides Camp projects this summer? And do your stalled-progress things outnumber your immediate-progress things? Because my projects might also be out of control.

Sheri butsurelynot.

P.S. Thanks for all of the great pattern suggestions for Camp Loopy Project Three in August! We drew a name and Marilee from St. Louis, MO is the winner of our $50 Loopy Gift Certificate!


  1. I love the Celadon colorway! Your projects are waaaaay cool. !!! I don’t work on anything in the summer except Camp Loopy- it’s all I can do to finish those on time! During Loopy Academy I have a bit more leeway with time to do projects in between. I try not to have any stalled projects or works in progress. I get too confused and anxiety ridden over not having something finished. :). I just read about the new Malabrigo yarn on Pinterest. Looks very cozy! For my August project, I’m going to make the Loopy Bathmat from Purl Soho! Yes- that is exactly what it is called!!! I’m making mine out of Universal cotton in colors that remind me of Ireland and Italy!!! I plan on using all 900 yds. :).

  2. This is the time of year when I can fill up my “to-be-gifted” pile, so I stock up the socks, scarves, and cowls. Between my kids’ school and extracurricular teachers, I give out a lot of knitwear in May and June! I tend to work on one (or two, at most) projects at a time because I really like to finish projects.

  3. Oooh! Your projects are so lovely. I especially like your Fractal Danger. What a lovely color.

    And I must, must make Sandbank! What a fascinating and beautiful wrap! Must have!

    I’m doing holiday gifts, during the downtime after finishing my June and July Camp projects. In August, I probably won’t have that extra time, so I’m getting done what I can now. 🙂

    Off to get Sandbank! I’m mad for it. Thank you!

  4. I’m always working on too many projects! I’ve really got three levels of projects, the ones that are carried with me and actually get worked on, the ones that are easily available but aren’t being regularly touched, and the ones that are really UFOs, those that have had their needles removed for other projects or are hidden away and practically unreachable. I’ve got 29 current projects (5 of them started in 2016, 1 this month for Camp Loopy!). Of those, I’ve worked on two this week but have another two that are close at hand and I’d consider them to be active as well. I also just moved most of my household across the country and have half of my projects (and nearly all of my stash) there.

    So yes, stalled-progress projects greatly outnumber immediate-progress for me!

  5. LOVE that Celadon colorway also! Those are some great projects, both finished and in progress. Besides Camp Loopy, I’ve been working on the Dockside MKAL by Alicia Plummer. I’m doing it in the Undergrowth colorway of Madelintosh Tosh Vintage. Boy am I loving that; beautiful yarn and pattern! I’m also working on a Mermaid Tail Blanket for my daughter, who turns 30 this fall. It’s very relaxing after work to sit out on the deck and knit, with just my dogs and the birds for company.

  6. so much inspiration Sheri – I love your posts where you give suggestions and links to RAV so I can just “fave” them all ! So many great choices so little time. Keep Calm and Knit on ! 11 more days to complete CL2 and I’m feeling WAY behind. Enjoy your weekend – Mel

  7. My Sandbank is also in the active pile. It just doesn’t look like it is growing. I have nick-named it “The GobStopper”

    I’m almost ready to cheat and move up a needle size. At least that will use yarn faster.

    I am also re-considering the Nuvem. What do you think of the fit of Nuvem versus Sandbank?

    1. I think the name Gobstopper fits very well! I like the fit of the Sandbank better than the Nuvem. Definitely.

  8. Many projects in may phases – keeps life interesting. Sandbank has been on my must make list but haven’t started that one yet. I have Wollmeise lace (thanks to last update) to use for Pool and Conquer after Camp is done. Camp seems to make me knit all the more because in addition to getting both Camp projects done I started and finished a Brickless, a hat, and have a Summer Camp shawl about half done. (hmmm… perhaps I should have picked up one of the other projects stagnating on the needles rather than starting three new ones and we definitely won’t mention the pieces for three different sweaters that need to be seamed – those have been moved from the living room to the sewing room where they will wait for cooler weather to arrive which will make me want to finish them)

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