Loopy Monthly Mixer for February

January Socks The Loopy EweIt has been fun seeing your P for Pluto projects in January! Remember, there is no deadline, so keep working on them and share your photos with us when you’re done.

I hope to finish my Pair of Plain Waffle Socks this weekend (seen here), made out of our January Blue Moon Fiber Arts Exclusive Frozen Valley colorway. And of course I’m already planning my February Monthly Mixer project. Would you like to plan yours, too? Here are the challenges for Yarn and Fabric:

Monthly MixerFebruary Monthly Mixer: It’s a short month (although it does have 29 days this time around!) so pick the yarn or pattern or fabric that has spent the shortest amount of time on your “must make/use this someday” list. Did you add something to your Loopy Wish List last week? Did you favorite a pattern on Ravelry this week? (Are you going to pretend that you didn’t see this blog post yet, and head over to Ravelry to favorite something quickly so it will be your last thing favorited? We won’t tell.)

Sometimes it’s fun just to jump right into something (yarn, pattern, fabric) that you just discovered and are excited about. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Just a reminder – you can order yarn or fabric from us for this project, or you can use stash as long as we carry the line here. If you do order, leave us an order note because we will again be picking one person to get their project yarn or fabric for free when we do the drawing next week!

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  1. Depending on life, I’m going to use a skein of yarn I got from TLE on January 21 and entered it in my stash list on Ravelry. I’d like to use it to make Martina Behm’s Samadhi which I queued last March. The yarn is fiberstory FAVE sock in ‘Sun Dress’. Perfect for thinking about Spring!

  2. My most recent pattern is a sweater from Jennifer Wood called Isabelle and my most recent WM in amethyst arrived last week, but I still have Eeek on the needles.

  3. Just checked my Ravelry and the last thing I queued was Geierwally by General Hogbuffer. Pretty sure I queued this when TLE spotlighted the General! Yay! Can’t wait to get this on my needles … but not until Monday!

  4. Had to go peak at the Simple Yet Effective cowl you referred to, and I downloaded the pattern immediately. I have what I hope is the perfect yarn for it. Thanks for mentioning it!

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