Monday Update: Malabrigo, Into the Whirled, Cascade

The Monday Yarn Update is ready for you and it’s a big one! This week, we added in:

Malabrigo – Re-stocks in Rasta, Sock, Rios and Nube. Rasta for your really warm mittens and cowls, Sock for your lighterweight shawls and warm socks, Rios for your easy-care sweaters, and Nube for your spinning fingers. We have it all!

Purple The Loopy EweVolcan The Loopy Ewe

Into the Whirled
– More of their beautiful Polwarth Combed Top roving. If you’re a spinner, you will love how these colors spin up into a skein of gorgeous for you to knit with. (Or for you to display. I know sometimes you just want to sit and enjoy it for awhile.)

Captain The Loopy EweBigger The Loopy Ewe

– Cotton Supreme and Bamboo Pop filled back up. I know it’s mid-winter, but now is a great time to be planning your spring and summer sweaters and tops. Both of these bases knit up beautifully for cool options when it gets warmer outside. (Also great for those of you who have trouble wearing wool.)

Lime The Loopy EweBirdie The Loopy Ewe

– Re-stocks in 220, 220 Superwash, 220 Superwash Aran, Monday 220 Sport, Heritage Silk, and their new Heritage Wave fingering weight yarn. So many colors, so many base choices, so many pattern possibilities!

Ruby The Loopy EweCarribean The Loopy EWe

– Re-stocked in 6’s (for fingering weight yarn) and 8’s (for laceweight yarn) in lots of colors. Have you tried beads yet? They are fun and easy to use, and they give your projects (cowls, shawls, sock cuffs, mitten and hat cuffs) a beautiful POP.

Scojo Readers – Someone asked me once why we sell glasses here. (A young someone with great eyesight, who will probably appreciate a good pair of readers at some point in her life.) I used to be like that – with great eyesight. Now I find myself reaching for a pair of readers when I knit and when I work on the computer. (OK – truth be told, I’ve been reaching for readers for a few years now ….) Scojo Gels are simply the most comfortable readers I’ve used, because they are incredibly lightweight. I put them on and don’t give them a second thought. So if you are in need of a really good pair of readers to prevent a few knitting mistakes in the evenings, you might like these, too. And that’s why we carry them. 🙂

Have fun shopping through all of the beautiful things, and we’ll get your orders right out!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. Hmmmm! Could this be a stock up for Loopy Academy? Very Convenient and very good for me. Look at all those beautiful colors!

  2. I wear my readers when I want to read first thing in the morning…and when knitting. For either reading pattern charts or when I’n frogging or need to see the knitting well

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