Knit Play Colour and a Giveaway!

Knit Play Colour 1Our designer friend Louise (who does Inspiration Knits patterns and has designed for our Giftables Club) has published her first book! Called Knit Play Colour, it is full of wonderful designs and ways to adapt them when you want to “play” with the pattern a bit and make it more your own. Lots of options and choices. For more about Louise, you can read the Designer Spotlight blog post that we did on her last year. One thing about Louise – she is always thinking up great new variations for her patterns, and this book showcases that.

I found several “must make that” patterns as I was going through the book. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Flights of Colour (I love patterns that use more than one color. It’s fun to come up with different combinations):

Flilghts of Colour

Colour Trail (This looks like a great pattern for multi-color yarn. And I always have a lot of that.):

Colour Trail

Shadowlines (That just looks luscious to wrap up in, doesn’t it?):


Heart Deco (Pretty cowl and cool heart design in there.):

Heart Deco

Knit Play Colour 2

Louise has offered to give one of our blog readers a free e-book copy. Just leave a comment below and tell us which pattern you’d pick first out of the book (see the patterns here and/or buy yourself or a friend a copy at this link). We’ll draw a name next week to win the free copy.

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(all photos copyrighted by Jesse Wild, used with permission)


  1. I think I’d try Flights of Colour because I haven’t done color changes like that before and I’d like to try that technique. Beautiful garments!

  2. It’s a toss up between Flight of Colour and Umbra! I love Louise’s pattern. They are always fun to knit and so imaginative in design.

  3. I love all the patterns, but would love to knit Yarn Tamer. I have several skeins of the yarns she mentions – the kinds I look at later and love, but aren’t real sure what to do with them.

    I also love Umbra because I love working those wonderful chunky cables. So much fun and they look so warm and cozy. (And people think you’re a genius when you knit cables, yet they are so easy!)

  4. HA!! I am a Gemini & a knitter, I’d probably cast on ALL of them at the same time!! Be nice to de-stash a little!!!

  5. I love Flight of Colour. I love to play with color combinations and this has tons of possibilities. Also looks nice and cozy to wrap up in.

  6. All about Heart Deco, that is a beautiful cowl. Love it, I have the perfect TLE yarn I have been saving for just this beautiful project.

  7. Wow, though choice, but today I would go with Shadowlines – with it getting cold it looks the perfect amount of squish.

  8. ohhh Shadowlines is gorgeous w/those cables that look like giant stockinette stitches!!! already picking what yarns this would be made of!

  9. I’d make Colour Trail as my first pattern. I love the variety of design stitches. And it’s an intermediate pattern so I might be able to make it!

  10. I would choose Umbra, as I have a beautiful skein of Three Iris Girls that would look great in this!

    Thanks to you both for the contest!

  11. I would definitely make the Flights of Colour first….as pictured in red, black, and gray….one of my favorite color combinations.

  12. I’ve had my eye on this book since the first few patterns posted to Ravelry. Great patterns for all those special skeins of sock yarn I’ve got floating around!

    1. Oh, and I should pick one pattern…hard choice! Colour Trail is my favorite right now, because it will look equally striking in a mostly solid or a heavily variegated.

  13. I love the Yarn Tamer pattern. Some of the hand dyed yarns are really challenging, I’m sure this would solve that!

  14. LOVE Louise’s patterns. I have a Knit Night going right now ! I don’t know which one I would do first if I won the book – the fun of ponderance – oops I guess that isn’t a read word. have a great week ! Mel

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