Rhinebeck and Norman Rockwell

I finally made it to Rhinebeck for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival! For many years, it was the same weekend as Parents Weekend at college, so we couldn’t go. But the kids are out of college (by a few years), and everything worked for us to go this year, so off we went. My friend Sheryl went with us from Fort Collins, and we met my friend Claudia (the Wollmeise) and her husband and son there for the weekend (over from Germany to attend Rhinebeck). Here are some photos:

Our traveling group, plus the prettiest tree on the fairgrounds:

Rhinebeck 3Rhinebeck 1

Whoopie Pies as big as your head, and some friendly fellows enjoying the sun:

Rhinebeck 4Rhinebeck 2

And a few of the good sheep, goat and alpaca pictures that Paul took:

1 copyright imageworksfc2 copyright imageworksfc

4 copyright imageworksfc3 copyright imageworksfcscreenshot_03


8 copyright imageworksfc9 copyright imageworksfc


7 copyright imageworksfc10 copyright imageworksfc


Of course there was yarn there, too. And Cider Doughnuts. I may have bought some of each. 

Another highlight? We spent Friday in Stockbridge, MA, touring Normal Rockwell’s Museum and studio. So cool. I am always amazed to see that all of those pictures were indeed painted. They look too smooth and perfect to be made by brushes, but they were indeed.

Here is the museum and then his workshop studio.

Rockwell 1Rockwell 2

I loved this gorgeous tree on the property. And this path to his studio.

11 copyright imageworksfc12 copyright imageworksfc

A photo of him at work, and then his workplace in the studio.

Photo of studioRockwell painting area

His brushes and paints are still on display.

Rockwell brushesRockwell paints

A view from the door of his studio. And one of the original paintings for the Four Freedoms.

Rockwell Studio UpstairsFour Freedoms

Here’s a picture of a closeup (see the paint and brush strokes?) and then the print that came from that painting. I just noticed that this is the same painting he’s working on in the photograph of his studio above.

closeupThe Recruit

Such a fun trip. I’d recommend both places if you want a beautiful trip next fall. 

Sheri inspiredbycreativityfromknittersandNorman

Most of the Rhinebeck photos are copyrighted by ImageworksFC, used by permission. Most of the Norman Rockwell photos and a few of the Rhinebeck shots came from my phone. I’ll bet you can tell which is which!


  1. Now I’m homesick!!!! We get color up here in the Great North Woods — but there’s nothing like New England in the fall– Sure do miss those fall colors!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. What a wonderful Rhinebeck post! It’s always nice to see everyone’s stash enhancements, but I really love seeing all of Paul’s sheep, goat, and alpaca photos (where that stash originates!) I had no idea that the Rockwell Museum and Studio was nearby, but you’ve given me yet another good reason to get to Rhinebeck someday. Thanks for sharing!

    1. We flew in to Albany, and Stockbridge was just a quick 45 minute ride away. So glad we figured that out in time to visit there.

  3. I love the guy whose face is obliterated by his curls!! The trees are absolutely gorgeous! I am envious and dream of a day when my husband and I can make our own trek to Rhinebeck. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos! I’ve been to Rhinebeck once and I really hope to make it back again one of these years. To think I could have run into you and Claudia this year. *sigh* (not that I would have recognized the two of you since we’ve never met. But still!

  5. What a great post!

    I do love that gorgeous tree and the wonderful paintings.

    Thanks for sharing. We should all go, next year!

  6. I’ve been to the Rockwell Museum. He is one of my favorite artists. Now I know how I will talk the hubster in to going to Rhinebeck! Four years til permanent summer vacation!

  7. So exciting to go to Rhinebeck. Someday I’ll get there. Glad you got to sightsee too. Fall in the northeast is gorgeous.

  8. how wonderful you were able to make this trip to Rhinebeck – the mecca for all wool lovers. great fall photos. nice memories of a happy time. Mel

  9. What great photos. That trip is definitely on my bucket list! What kind of sheep is the guy (or gal) with the great curls that should make it impossible for him (her) to see?

  10. Oh wow. What a fun trip! I want every one of those animals!!!! It is always so much fun to tour museums and have fun with friends!!!

  11. Love your photos! It was wonderful to see you. I hope you liked the perogies. The foliage was spectacular. My daughter and I just love the animals (and the yarn and fiber too). I’m so sorry i missed Claudia. Hope to see you all in the spring…..

  12. Thanks for the photos, sounds like a great trip. My sister raised sheep for 4-H, they are so sweet!
    Norman Rockwell Museum in Maine, I had no idea, love it!

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