Camp Loopy Project One Done

I finished my Camp Loopy Project One about mid-month in June. (A good thing, because I had other projects that needed working on, too, that month.) This is the Starshower Cowl by Hilary Smith Callis, knitted up in Meadowcroft’s Cross Creek Sock yarn.

Starshower1 The Loopy EweStarshower2 The Loopy Ewe

It’s an interesting construction, because you knit back and forth for awhile, before then joining it in the round. Then you switch bag and forth on your directions, to maximize the knitting and minimize the purling. Really smart and fun to knit.

Starshower3 The Loopy Ewe

Now – on to Project Two, as of today!

Sheri workingonaninterestingscarfforthisnextone


  1. Gorgeous! That’s been on my list of things to knit for a while. After Camp Loopy is over I might have to cast that on… Camp Loopy is dangerous for my queue!

  2. That is beautiful! I’ve taken a few months off from knitting, but after last night at a coffee shop, I am excited to begin again!

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