Loopy Hues, Illimani, Atenti and More!

The Monday Update is ready for you. Today we added in:

The Loopy Ewe Loopy Hues – This new line features coordinated mini skeins, each approximately 107 yards, for a total of 535 yards in the set. We have this in skeins that go from light to dark in one color, as well as in skeins that go from one color mix to another in steps. Fun to use for shawls, socks, hats, cowls and scarves! Fingering weight, 80% Superwash Merino and 20% Nylon. The skeins come wound up together in one big hank (as shown on the left), but we separated them out for the photos so you could see each one individually. Pattern ideas: Gradient Cowl, another Gradient Cowl, Gradient Mitts, Starry Night Gradient Scarf, Simple Gradient Hat, The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief, Zuzu’s Petals, and Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang.

Loopy Hues The Loopy EweLoopy Hues2 The Loopy Ewe

Illimani Re-stocks in Eco-Llama and Baby Llama – Have you knit with llama before? Baby Llama is one of the finest natural fibers, and Illimani also dehairs the fiber, taking away all of the coarse hairs and leaving just the very fine for the yarn. Llama yarn is warmer, stronger and lighter than wool of the same weight. The Eco-Llama is a fingering weight and the Baby Llama is a worsted weight.

Eco Llama The Loopy EweIllimani2 The Loopy Ewe

Atenti Tall Caddy Project Bags – We’ve re-stocked the fabrics they had available and added in a few new fabrics as well. Each bg is fully lined with four inside pockets and four outside pockets and I like how the carrying handle loops through to secure the top closed. You spend a lot of time on your projects. Why not carry them in a beautiful bag?

Summer Queen The Loopy EweCowgirl The Loopy Ewe


Camp Loopy 2015Camp Loopy T-shirts – We ran out of these too quickly with our first batch, so we ordered more this year. (Good thing, because I didn’t get one out of the first batch either!) This is one of our favorite ever Camp Loopy logos, and I hope you have fun wearing your camp t-shirt throughout the summer! Speaking of Camp – watch Wednesday’s blog post for details on July’s Camp Loopy Yarn Project, plus the beginning of Camp Store Week again. Thursday we’ll share Fabric Camp details.


Loopy Academy The Loopy EweLoopy Academy Freshman Year Finishers – Congratulations to all of the knitters who finished all six projects and completed both semesters of their Freshman Year. We have your reward ready! If you earned the reward (requirements here), it has been added to your Loopy Ewe shopping cart and will ship with your next Loopy order. If you earned the extra credit (requirements here), that has also been added to your cart. If we don’t receive an order from you by the end of June, we’ll ship the reward out separately. A new semester starts in September and we hope that many of you join in on the Academy fun!

Have fun shopping through the new things and we’ll get your orders packed up and shipped right out. We know you like getting them quickly. (We like that, too.)

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. A big thank you to those of you who saw our Ravelry post about the Chase Bank Grant program that we applied for. We could still use a few votes to get us to the next level of consideration. (You can vote here if you’re so inclined.) We appreciate it!


  1. If I am this excited about my Freshman Finisher gifts, can you imagine how excited I will be if I reach Senior Year!? I couldn’t even wait until Wednesday…I had to toss some stuff in my cart and hit the order button!

    Maybe Santa will bring me some will-power for Christmas this year.

  2. Holy moly. Am I the only one still slowly working on Camp project 1?! I am soo slow! Now I have to think about project 2?! 🙂 :).
    Beautiful colors in tonight’s update!!!!

    1. Oh no – everyone is still working on Camp Project 1! It’s just that we have to get Project 2 orders out and on their way so you have those by the July 1 start date!

  3. Sheri, I would really like to know more about the new yarn. Does the color gradually change from one hue to the next or what?

    1. Hi Gina – On the mixed colors, they will knit up as a mix of both colors the whole way – not a gradual color change. So for that Brights (rainbow) color if you start with the red orange, you’ll knit red orange, then orange yellow, then yellow green, then green blue, then blue purple. (So the overlapping color from each skein kind of takes it into the next sequence.)

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