Camp Loopy Project Two for Yarn

Camp Loopy 2015I know you all have just started working on your Camp Loopy Project One (June 1 was the start date), but in order for us to get yarn to you in time for the July 1 Project Two start date, it’s time to start planning for that! (Remember – this is a virtual camp. You can participate from the comfort of your own home. No travel involved.)

Each month this summer (June, July and August) we will knit a different project. You can participate for one month, two months, or all three months. There is no official sign up – just put your yarn order in and indicate in the order notes that you’re participating in Camp Loopy with us this summer. Of course there are benefits to participating, and we have contests, drawings, and fun going on all summer long surrounding Camp Loopy. We hope you will join us! 

Here is our schedule:

July Signs1Project Two – The July Challenge: This project needs to be knit or crocheted between 7/1 and 7/31 (with a photo of the completed project uploaded to our Project Two Photo Gallery by 8/1).

The Challenge for Project Two – I Spy Something Seen in the Wild! Pick a pattern that you’ve seen in the “wild” – on the Loopy blog, at your local yarn shop, in your friend’s Ravelry queue project page, shared by someone on Facebook, etc. Your Project must use a minimum of 600 yards in this single project. (A single project meaning one item, not sets of things like a hat/scarf combo, matching shawls for you and a friend, etc.)

July Signs 2The benefits:

1. We are offering a 15% Camp Loopy discount for the yarn you are going to use for your project during a designated “Camp Loopy Store Week” each month. The discount for Project Two is valid for one project’s worth of yarn during Camp Store Week Two (June 10-17). To get the discount, you will need to leave us an order note on the order, telling us which yarn will be used for your Camp Project. We’ll apply the discount when your order comes through to us. If you’re going for free shipping in the U.S., please make sure that your discount won’t take you below the $75 level, or the website will add the shipping charge back in after we do the discount.

2.  If you have a photo of your completed project uploaded to the Camp Loopy 2015 Project Two Photo Gallery by the deadline, you’ll be eligible to win one of our Loopy Gift Certificates for that month. We’ll be having the blog readers vote for the Reader’s Choice Award each month, and we’ll also be using the random generator to pick a couple more winners for Loopy Gift Certificates as well from each month’s gallery. Be sure to get your photos in on time! (When taking your photo, please be sure that we can see the entire finished project in the photo.)

3.  If you choose to do all three projects with us (yarn for each project purchased during Camp Store Week or later for that project and finished project photos uploaded by the deadlines) we will also be awarding you a special oversized (600 yard) skein of fingering weight yarn, in a fun Camp Loopy Colorway at the end of the summer. We will have 3 different exclusive Camp colors for you to choose from, so that you can pick your favorite. This beautiful bonus skein will be perfect for socks, shawls, scarves, cowls, or mitts. We anticipate having the yarn ready for you around mid September. This gives us the chance to get all of the photos approved and up in the photo galleries. (We get a lot of photos submitted that last day of the month, so it does take a little while for us to go through them all.)

So if you participate in all three months of Camp and follow the guidelines, you’ll get 3 projects done at a discount, you may earn one or more Frequent Shopper Bonuses and maybe some extra things through our Loopy Rewards Program, and you’ll get a special oversized skein of exclusively dyed yarn for yet another project. Cool!

July Signs 3Now – here are the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about Camp Loopy. (These are the same as last year, so if you’re already familiar with all of this, feel free to skip this section!)

Q. Can we participate with weaving instead of knitting or crochet?
A. For Camp Loopy, we’re sticking with knitting or crochet. (Or sewing or quilting. That challenge will go up tomorrow.)

Q. I didn’t get to order during Camp Store Week, but if I order my project yarn later and complete the project by the deadline, does that still count, even though I know I don’t get the Camp Loopy discount?
A. Yes.  Any yarn ordered 6/10 or later can count for Project Two. Make sure that you add a “Camp Loopy” note to your order, so that we know you’re participating. You’ll still be eligible for the drawings and prizes for that month, and if you finish all three projects by the deadlines (with yarn ordered during that project’s Camp Store Week or later), you’ll get the bonus – a free skein of that 600 yard skein of yarn, exclusively dyed.

Q. I want to participate using yarn from my stash. Does that still count?
A. You are welcome to participate and knit from stash and upload it to the gallery, as long as it’s yarn that we currently carry at The Loopy Ewe.  You will still be eligible for the random drawing that month, but you won’t be eligible for the free yarn at the end.

Q. When you say to knit the project between 7/1 and 7/31, when EXACTLY does the timing start?
A. You can start at 12:01 am your time on 7/1 if you’d like, although a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast might be a better idea. The project needs to be done by 11:59 pm on 7/31, your time. The photos need to be uploaded by 11:59 pm OUR time (Mountain Time) on 8/1.

Q. Will we be getting new Camp Loopy Groups on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry?
A. Yes! The July groups will be divided by Tour Cruiser colors, and you’ll get your group assignment on your Camp Loopy order form that arrives with your project yarn. The groups are totally for fun, and for those of you who want to chat in Camp Groups on the Loopy Groupie board. If that’s not your thing, you can stay out of the Camp groups and just knit. But … I’ll bet you will meet a new friend or two if you participate in the chats.

Q. When you specify yardage in a project, can I use up the yardage by knitting double stranded? So if you say we must use 600 yards, can I do a 300 yard project, holding the yarn double? That would use 600 yards.
A. No –  for this challenge, it doesn’t count to double up on the yarn to get the yardage. If you’d like to knit something held double, you’d need to use 1200 yards so that you end up with a 600 yard knitted/crocheted project when it’s done.

Q. How do I know if I’m on track for the free yarn bonus, and when will I get it?
A. If you purchase your project yarn during Camp Store Week (or later that same project month) and upload your photo by the deadline, then you are on track. Once Camp is over and the yarn is ready (approx. mid-September), we’ll send you a notice to let you choose your camp colorway. You will have the option of having your bonus yarn added in the box with your next order from us, or you can choose to have it sent to you right away on its own and we’ll just add a shipping charge to that.

Q. Why do we have to purchase the yarn during Camp Store Week each month, if we want the bonus?
A. Two reasons. One – it costs us money to fund this (the contests, the extras, the free yarn at the end) and your purchases help us to be able to afford to do this. Two – it helps us to guarantee that everyone is knitting for the project during the designated time and not simply pulling a finished (or half finished) project out of their pile and saying they did it “for camp”. Part of the challenge is starting and finishing a project within the 30 day time period. It keeps an even playing field for all of the people earning the bonuses.

0jqlUK1433888624The Fun! In addition to getting projects done along with discounts and free yarn rewards, another part of the fun is talking to fellow campers on the Loopy Groupie Board on Ravelry. Look for the Cruiser color on your order printout that will come with your Camp project order, to see which group you’re in. We’ll set those groups on up Ravelry at the end of June (since the Project One groups will go through the end of June). If you’re knitting your camp project from stash, feel free to choose one of the groups on your own. Jump into the discussion and share which project you’re going to make and what yarn you’re using, then report on your progress during the month.  (Not on Ravelry? No worries. Participating in the groups is not required. We just add those in for extra fun.) The groups will change each month, so you’ll get the chance to meet a lot of new knitting friends.

Camp Loopy 2015 The Loopy Ewe

We re-stocked our Camp T-Shirts for you since they sold out quickly the first time around. And we have more Leonard the Lion stuffies to keep you and Loopy company while you knit this summer. Everyone needs a buddy to knit with.

Ok – pick your pattern and pop over to The Loopy Ewe to get your yarn order in. We’ll get them shipped right out so that you’re ready to start in on it July 1st. We are having fun being on Safari with you this summer!

Sewists and quilters – you’ll find Camp Loopy’s fabric version Project Two details by clicking here.

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

Oliver and LoopyP. S. We have loved seeing Loopy (or Leonard) with your “wild” animals in last week’s photo contest! Oh my goodness, there are some adorable pictures in that Wild Animal gallery. I’ll highlight some of those photos in a future blog, but the photo with the most votes and the winner of the $35 Loopy credit goes to Lyndsie in ND for her cute photo of Loopy with her hedgehog Oliver!  Stay tuned for more photo opportunities ….


  1. Hi!
    Sheri, just to let you know that in the Project 2 date section, you have written that photos need to be uploaded in the project one gallery by 8/1. You may want to change that to project 2 gallery for any newcomers this summer who may get confused.! :).
    Great project themes this year!!!!!! Now on to the yarn shopping!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! It seriously does not matter how many times I proof these things, I always miss something, for pete’s sake!

  2. Could you buy the main color from your store and then use a skein from stash for other colors and still get credit?

    1. Hi Kim – As long as you buy 600 yards during Camp Store Week for this project and use all 600 of it in the project, you can also add a secondary color from stash if you want.

  3. I went spying in the wilds of the Camp Loopy galleries from previous years. Lots of ideas there. Had a hard time making a decision last night. In the end ordered enough for 2 projects and I will decide closer to the cast on what I am going to knit.

    One idea was to use one of your new Loopy Gradient sets with some extra from your solid series to make a gradient cowl. Gradient set is not quite 600 yards.

    Now I need to get back to knitting on Project 1


  4. Previos years yoive offered suggestion on patterns that mightwork. Im kind of in the dark as whay to do,

  5. I have decided to use the Handmaiden silk in safari for my #2 project. Last month I ordered one skein from you, but I need 2 skeins and you were out of my color. So I had to order it from somewhere else. So do I still qualify and if so can you assign me to a group. I’m sorry I couldn’t get it from you.

    Sue Horlander

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