Loopy and His Wild Friends

It was so fun seeing all of your Loopy in the Wild pictures from our first Camp Loopy photo contest! You voted Oliver the Hedgehog the winner as your favorite photo, so his owner Lyndsie won a $35 Loopy credit for that. 🙂

Oliver and Loopy

Here are a few fun ones, but do click over to the whole gallery to see the rest. You all have some beautiful “wild” animals!

Loopy and RubyTrevor and Loopy

Loopy Loves PoniesLoopy and the Frog

Maggie and LoopyLoopy and His Turtle Friends

Giraffe and Loopy
Loopy and the Sheep


Loopy and the Dinosaur

Loopy and the Buffalo

Loopy and His FriendsLoopy Gets Licked!

A Taste of LoopyLoopy and Ricky

Loopy and the LionCoco and LoopyLoopy and BeckyLoopy and the Fairy


Loopy and the BirdLoopy and the Rhino


Loopy and His Dog FriendLoopy Arthur and Olive

Loopy and KittyLoopy and Sonny

One of my wild animals (the youngest one, of course) dumped Loopy in her water bowl recently. What is it about cats dunking things in their water bowl? I’ve never had a cat do that before. We had to hang him up to dry. Silly cat. And poor Loopy.


We have another photo contest coming up in a week or so, so stay tuned!



  1. Loved seeing all the pictures, and omg yes my cat did that with EVERYTHING. She would put all her toys in her water bowl, and anything else she found. Random hair ties, socks, my youngest one’s mittens… it was so gross lol.

  2. Wow, those photos made me laugh! I love the one with the African Grey chewing up the Loopy Postcard!

  3. Cats can be pretty entertaining sometimes. Mine have never tried to drink from a water faucet, but I’ve seen a few that do. Loopy is a little larger than most cat toys, so I’m surprised that your cat also dumped him in the water bowl!

  4. We never had cats leave things in their water bowls before. Fred and George, brothers through and through, and much like their Harry Potter namesakes, will leave glitter balls in their water and crunchy bowls, usually green ones. We think it is an offering.

    This week, one caught a centipede in the house and offered it to the other. Brotherly love?

  5. LOL about Lexi putting Loopy in her waterbowl 🙂

    Caspian is notorious for putting things in his water bowl and then proceeding to splash all of the water everywhere trying to get it back out. Unless he just leaves it there for me to get out later.

    Growing up my sister’s cat used to put things in his food bowl. The most memorable thing was a live newt from the fish tank that he got out of the tank, carried down 2 flights of stairs, and put it in the food bowl. Thankfully with a happy ending – it was alive and miraculously unharmed when we found it and were able to return it safely.

    You have to wonder: WHY are they doing that? What does it mean??!?!

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