Back from TNNA Yarn Market

Ok, I’m about ready to be done traveling for awhile! First it was Quilt Market in MN, then to a friend’s in AL the next weekend, then to TNNA’s yarn market in OH last weekend. I am a little behind in everything now. But I did have fun! And I have to say, it was fun to be back in Columbus, OH with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. (Well, and the yarn. Of course the yarn.) And hey – St. Louis peeps – they’re opening a Jeni’s in the Central West End! Go visit!

I found a few new things, a few new bases from some of our favorite companies, and did a lot of re-stocking orders. Plus had some meetings with people as we’re working on cooking up some new things for you, so that’s always fun!

Generally, they don’t like you taking many photos at Yarn Market, but I saw a lot of phones out this time and snuck in a few. First of all, there was this going on. I had no desire to pop into their convention hall, which was next door to the yarn market.


I did not partake in the Zombie Parade Walk that happened down there the first night. Nor did I get used to seeing Zombies walking around the convention center while we were there. I think they probably wondered about all of the yarn people walking around, too.


Here’s a peek into the market:


And a couple of fun oversized displays from the Skacel and Colinette booths:


 ball of yarn




We should start getting these new yarn orders in this month and on into the summer. We’ll keep you posted as they arrive!

Sheri nowneedingtofindmoreshelfspaceintheshopforallthatIbought



  1. One of these days I am going to make the few hours drive north just to get some of Jeni’s Ice Cream that I keep hearing about.

    (You may want to consider a little photo editing on the oversized ball of yarn photo, the lady kneeling down beyond it might appreciate it.)

    1. Yep – did not even pay attention to that until a nice person emailed me and even took the time to do a photo fix on it! (A true sign that I’m always swayed by the yarn, when you don’t notice something going on in the background ….)

  2. I think there is every chance the Zombie people were a little weirded out by “the Yarn People”. I like that idea, actually.

  3. I’m not sure how I missed seeing you! Then again, I was all over the market. I would have loved to actually meet you in person.

  4. Wow. That is one big ball of yarn.
    Your adventures always sound way fun, Sheri!
    Can’t wait to see what is ahead for everyone!

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