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For those of you who have been participating in Loopy Academy this school year, Freshman Year is winding down at the end of this month! I hope you’ve had fun with all of your projects, and tried some new things. I had fun with the felting project, as I haven’t felted in a long time. Now I’m wondering why, because I love my new bag.

For the felted project, I chose to do the Ballband Bag with four skeins of Cascade. (Two of each color, held double. I used Navy 8393 and Silver Grey 8401.) After the washing machine, I stuck one of our shipping boxes in a garbage bag and put it inside the felted bag to allow it to dry to shape. Pretty sure I’ll have to try another one of these. It’s fun to think of different color combinations that would look good with it, and of course it’s a really handy bag. I did change a few things, and put all of that information in my project notes on Ravelry.


For the project with stripes, I chose to do the Leventry shawl with two skeins of Western Sky Knits. I did a regular bind off instead of the picot bindoff, because I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough yarn. (I have no idea if I was knitting within gauge or not. I never check that with shawls.) I love the colors- Forest Night and Fresh Earth.


For the project with slipped stitches, I chose to do That Nice Stitch Cowl with a skein of Dream in Color’s Jilly with Cashmere. I really love the pattern and this is the second time I have made it. (Here was my first one.)


I was very motivated to get all of my projects done, because I really wanted the Freshman Prize and it would have been cheating to just take one. 😉 We’ll be sending those out to everyone who earned one as soon as we have everything tallied up. Look for them by the middle of June.

I’m looking forward to September, when we will start our Sophomore Year with three new projects. For those of you who haven’t joined us yet, you are welcome to start with the Freshman year projects in September, when Loopy Academy starts up again, or jump right in to Sophomore Year. We are up for whatever order you’d like to work in. And we will have Loopy Academy the Fabric Version starting Freshman Year this fall, too! (Remember, you can do one semester a year, two semesters a year, two semesters in three months – whatever works with your schedule. More info again in the fall.)

In the meantime, we have Camp Loopy going on this summer, to keep you surrounded by knitting fun, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Watch the blog and our Loopy newsletter for details SOON….

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  1. Love the pic on Rav w/your cats helping on the felted bag, has anyone else noticed that cats seem drawn to anything being felted!?

    1. Aren’t they so helpful? With those two, pretty much anything set on the floor is fair game and needs to be sat upon immediately.

  2. WOW!!!! Way cool bag, Sheri!!!! I’m making slippers for Daniel. I had to order more yarn from Loopy so am still on the second one and then to the felting part!!!
    The colors on your shawl are really good together! I’m halfway done with my stripes project! Marly sweater only I lengthened the sleeves and of course, added the stripes!
    Your cowl is very bright and cheery!
    I can’t wait for Camp Loopy. I will be working on Loopy Academy up until the end of May, so I won’t have to be twiddling my thumbs waiting for camp to start!!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I thought about making slippers for my felted project, but ended up doing the bag instead. Slippers are still on my list. Good luck on finishing all of your LA projects, too!

  3. I also love your projects and the colors you knit them with.
    But I have a challenge for you – what are some good patterns to use with yarn that has a fierce tendency to [gulp] pool?
    I have several colorways in brands that pool, and really haven’t found anything that fights that – um – somewhat distressing feature.

    1. I have some of that type of yarn, too, Genia. The Painted scarf ( was designed specifically to minimize pooling and is interesting to knit. I used Lorna’s Laces (which can be pool-y) for this Mizzle ( and thought that pattern did a pretty good job of breaking up the colors. Still a smidge of pool in there, but not in-your-face pooling. Slipped stitches always seem to do well in breaking up any potential pooling (like this linen stitch scarf: or for socks ( or I know some people really like watching yarn pool, but I’m like you – I would rather find patterns that help to break it up a little.

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