Camp Postcard Photo Contest

Camp Loopy 2015 The Loopy EweIt’s time for our first Camp Loopy Photo Contest! If you placed a Camp Loopy order in May, you received this postcard with your order. On the back of the card it tells you to save it for our Photo contests this summer. Here is our first assignment… Take a picture of Loopy with your favorite “wild” animal. It can be with your pet, a bird in your back yard, a neighbor’s pet, a statue of an animal, or a creative picture of another animal. (Just covering all of the bases, as we know some of you don’t have pets of your own!)

Lexi and LoopyUpload your picture to our Camp Loopy Photo Contest 1 photo galleryYou can post up to five different photos (with different pets/animals), but each one must contain Loopy plus that “wild” animal.

Loopy and the DeerVote for your favorites by clicking the heart on the right when you’re looking at the photo (you can vote for more than one). We’ll tally the votes next Friday afternoon (June 5th) to pick a winner. In case of a tie, we’ll use the random number generator to pick the winner. The winner will get a $35 Loopy Gift Certificate (just in time for placing their next Camp order, I’m thinking!)

If Loopy and Shelbyyou didn’t order for camp or didn’t receive a postcard and you have a stuffed Loopy (as shown in the pictures here), you’re welcome to have him pose with your animal instead. Loopy loves photos!

So, have fun finding those wild animals and taking photos with them over the next few days, and be sure to check the gallery early next week to vote after everyone has a chance to upload their own photos!

Sheri lookingforwardtoseeingLoopywithyouranimals! 


  1. Alright! Let the fun begin! Just in time too cause I don’t know about everyone else, but I definitely need some fun right about now!

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