Happy Tax Refund Day Contest!

Surprise! We’re celebrating Tax Day here in the U.S., and YOU might be getting a Loopy Refund! All orders placed between midnight last night and midnight tonight (April 15) will be entered into our Refund Drawing.

Four people will receive a 25% refund from their order.

Three people will receive a 50% refund from their order.

Two people will receive a 75% refund from their order.

One person will receive a 100% refund from their order. Yes, that makes the whole order FREE!

We’ll use the random number generator to pick the winners tomorrow, and will email and issue refunds to the winners at that time.

Happy Tax Day, and I hope you get a Loopy Refund on your order today!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. This is a fantastic idea – thank you! And by coincidence, I placed an order about an hour before reading this post. Crossing my fingers!

  2. Woot!!! I’ve been meaning to tell you that I ran into a friend at our kiddos track meet the other day, and she complimented the Loopy Ewe customer service! She said “They act like I am their only customer!” So true!!

  3. What a great incentive if you were on the fence about picking up some yarn, Loopy goodies, and notions. Thanks, Sheri

  4. Hmm I miss read this and of course the yarns I would like you dont have in stock or the needles. Ahh well my birthday is at the end of the month better be good till then.

  5. I was trying to stay SO good and not order. It’s ten minutes til midnight and I was getting the link to the pretty pretty new yarns to send to a friend who needs some yarn and then I saw this blog post. LOL. So much for my resolve. Four new skeins jumped in my basket. Maybe I’ll get lucky, haha.

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