Gray Day (and Loopy Refund Winners!)

I’m not sure about today. This is what I see from my office window:

Snow Day

And WH sent me a picture of one of our lilac bushes:


But fortunately, this is the color and beauty I’m surrounded by, in-store:

Colorful Loopy!

That helps immensely!

Snow, snow, go away. And don’t come back another day. At least not until October or November.

We had a lot of fun rewarding our Loopy Tax Refund Credits to 10 of the orders from yesterday! We used the Random Number Generator to pick from all of yesterday’s orders and 4 people received a 25% refund from their order, 3 people received a 50% refund from their order, 2 people received a 75% refund from their order, and 1 person received a 100% refund from her order! Congratulations to: Andi, Sara, Carla, Christina, Pat, Christi, Jacqueline, Robyn, DiAnne, and Kirsten. I hope we helped to make your Tax Day a little bit better!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. No Fabric Update today. We’re in a bit of a dry-spell with fabric shipments, as all of our fabric companies are gearing up for showing us new lines at Market in May. We’ll have more fabric before May for you – the shipments are just going to be fewer and farther between for a bit.


  1. Aww darn, no beautiful new fabrics to peruse! I came here for a ‘beauty break’!

    But all is not lost — WH’s photo of the lilacs, especially in close-up, is still very beautiful!

    Thank you!

  2. I miss having lilac bushes — they don’t seem to be in very many yards/gardens here in OK. We had some in KS and they were always one of the first shrubs to bloom — I love the fragrance!

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