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I finished up a couple of pairs of fingerless mitts last week that I wanted to show you. These are two yarns that I needed to test knit with, so I can’t link to a yarn company, but I can show you the patterns!  The first is one has been in my favorites for a long time – Susie’s Reading Mitts. I made them a little longer than the pattern called for, and I really like how they turned out. If I was just making these for fun and not needing to knit up a test yarn, I’d probably have made them out of Shalimar Breathless DK, Mrs. Crosby’s Hat Box (in Creme Fraiche), or The Fibre Co’s Road to China Light.

unnamed 12.44.30 PM

The other pair is a pattern that I’ve used several times already – Mom’s Cabled Mitts.  I did adapt it for a sport weight instead of a worsted weight, by adding a few more stitches and adjusting the ribbing parts. I really like this pattern a lot. This is also a fun one to make out of multi-colors. I have made it with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted, Three Irish Worsted, Alpaca with a Twist, and Cascade Eco Alpaca. And I’d really like to make some out of this color and this color, too.

unnamed-6 12.44.30 PM

As I was adding these into my Projects page on Ravelry, I remembered that I was going to start tagging my projects with the year that I finished them. My friend Sheryl did that to her projects this year, after I blogged about numbers of projects finished each year. This makes it really easy to check. So far, I’ve only tagged my 2014 projects, but I’ll eventually go back and do the rest.

I had never added tabs to the top of my projects page. Have you? I had to send an SOS to Sheryl to figure out how to do that. If you haven’t done it, it’s easy. On your projects page, there is a tab on the very right hand side that says “Organize”.


Click on that. Then on the page that comes up, there is a Create New Set link on the left hand side. When you click it, you get an option to name the new set (the tab) and then an option to indicate which tags belong under that set (tab).

create new

I’ve added tabs for 2014, as well as tabs for cowls, hats, mittens/mitts, scarves, shawls, socks, sweaters and weaving. I’ll add the prior years as I get around to going back through and tagging them.


I do like having all of my projects in one place. (Of course my projects list doesn’t include all of those novelty scarves I knit in the early days, when I was just starting to knit ….)

Sheri whohadLittleLexiherethisorning.DidyouseethephotoonFacebook?#LoopyLove


  1. Great mitts, Sheri. Very nice colors. I think I did a tag on my ravelry page only I’m not sure that I meant to! I was just playing around with those options and somehow created a tag. I’ll have to go back and straighten things up now that I’ve seen yours! Sometimes it helps to get a visual to get a better understanding of something. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved the photo of Lexi with Little Loopy! Makes me realize how much I have missed cats (we are currently a dog household, but that is going to change).

  3. OK, I confess I just do not understand the fascination with fingerless mitts. Why do people wear them? (I’m not sure I’ve actually seen anyone wear them.)

    Since I have a touch of Raynaud’s syndrome, I can’t see a reason to wear something that covers my hands but not my fingers.

    1. Iris, my office is often chilly, especially in the summer with the AC up full blast. I keep a pair of light-weight fingerless mitts there so that I can type, write and otherwise work while keeping my hands warm. I also use them in winter. When walking our dogs, I prefer to hold their leashes with a pair of fingerless mitts than full on gloves or mittens. They’re also great for winter driving. Warm but not bulky on the steering wheel. Bonus also that you can still operate a phone with fingerless mitts. They are surprisingly warm even without the fingers!

  4. Love the beautiful white mitts! I’ve been wanting to make the Suzie’s Mitts for a while now and need to get to it – such pretty picot edging!

    You’ve sure knit a lot of projects already this year!!

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