Helpful and Not So Helpful

Things that are helpful for work productivity:

1. Getting to work before anyone else, when it’s quieter and there aren’t any interruptions.

2. Making a list of 3 things you want to get done before 11 am and knocking those out first.

3. Removing distractions from your desk and facing away from windows.

4. Setting a timer to get up and move around at least every hour.

Things that are not helpful:

Letting a kitten in your office while you work.


Especially one that likes to sit on shoulders and watch the computer.

Sheri it’sagoodthingshe’sacutie


  1. One of my cats loves to lay across my arms whenever I type on the keyboard. Though it takes some getting used to, it keeps me warm; so I would love to have him (and the other two) at work with me!

  2. Ah but a kitten is good for productivity b/c cats bring us automatic de-stressing, exercise, and a touch of cat hair needed for a high-fashion vibe!

  3. But what a beautiful distraction she is! I’m having the same type of distractions at home when I try to knit. They’re really interfering with my Loopy Academy progress and my Christmas present knitting. But like Patricia in OH just said – not productive, but downright wonderful just the same! . . . . .even if it means flunking Loopy Academy and giving gift cards instead of hand-knit items for Christmas.

  4. That kitten is just gorgeous! I’d have a hard time working also.

    My cat loves to climb on my shoulders while I’m on the computer also; I think they liked being in high(er) places that lounging on the floor.

  5. She’s/he’s sooo cute…can I borrow her/him to keep me focused at work too (smile)?! What/s the kitten’s name?

  6. I just love this picture. I would love to take one of my cats, Henry to work with me, but that’s just not possible. I do the next best thing; Henry lays across the top of my sewing machine when I sew – front legs having over the side – out like a light and snoring – very happy cat. Will have to find a picture and post it. Happy Halloween !!

      1. Outgrow eating yarn?
        (Snort) (Snicker)
        Right, Sheri. Good luck with that.

        But I’m sure it helps that she is so beautiful… ;o)

  7. HAHAHAHA!!! heeeheeeheee……


    She is so darned cute.


    If Salty Dog wouldn’t try to eat every delivery guy that came in here, I’d bring him with me to work. Somehow, I don’t think the boss would be very happy….

    1. She just comes to visit Loopy once in awhile (and stays in my office while she’s there.) Most of the time, she resides with us at home. 🙂

  8. I can see that she would be quite the distraction. You need to teach her to file. We had one that would sit in the file cabinet and paw through the hanging folders. Adorable!

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