Contest Winner and Mountain Wonderland!

First of all, thanks to all of you who entered the contest for the Mrs. Crosby goodie bag! We used the random number generator, and this cute bag of fun is headed to Linda M in Illinois. Congratulations, Linda!

Have you all started in on your Camp Loopy Project Two’s? I’ve started mine! I love working with that Blue Moon Worthy. Heavenly. Seriously  (We do have more coming soon!) We still have a lot of Camp Project One photos to approve for yarn and fabric, but just know that Elves Julia and Rebecca are working on them every day. If you can see it as pending in your account, then you know you’ve done what you needed to do, and it’s just up to us to get through them all. Do make sure that you submit a photo that shows the entire project. I know they are having to send out some emails regarding photos that show just one end or the other of the project. We need to see that it’s all done!

We were up in the mountains last weekend for a few days off, and my hubby took these beautiful photos. (Click to make bigger!) See why we live in Colorado? It’s a mountain wonderland. We just love it here.







Don’t you want to move out here and join us? 🙂 Or do you live in your own Wonderland already?

Sheri alsoworkingonaprojectwiththeupcomingJulyCelebrationsyarn!


    1. It gets better as you get used to it! I read somewhere that it takes up to 3 months for your blood to get more oxygenated at this elevation (your body produces more red blood cells to carry more oxygen to your system), and you start to lose it if you’re away from here for more than a week. That part doesn’t seem fair. But you will FEEL more used to the air within a couple of weeks of being out here.

  1. I grew up in Colorado and moved away recently. I miss it tremendously and get very homesick when I see your posts. I went to CSU, so I know how lovely Fort Collins is! I get to come see you twice a year when we come back there to visit my hubby’s family!

    1. I’m glad you get back a couple of times a year! (And maybe you’ll move back here one day. We can hope!)

  2. I loved visiting there a couple weeks ago (especially The Loopy Ewe!) but having lived in Florida only a year,I think I have slice of heaven. The Rockies were a favorite for us though.

  3. I would love to move there, however, I more than likely couldn’t find a job in my field and my age is another issue (they aren’t too keen on hiring someone my age doing anything!).
    Nice pictures by the way.

  4. Sheri I’m sitting in a heap of moving boxes and (almost) tears as we finish packing for our move out there. Your hubby’s photos just gave me an extra jolt of packing motivation—tell him many thanks! =) Which lake is that? Beautiful!

    1. Keep up the packing – it will be worth it!! This is Lake Dillon up near Keystone/Breckenridge. 🙂

  5. I already live in wonderland. It’s a different kind of wonderland than where you live, but it’s pretty swell here. The subtropics bloom and grow and sing with joy! Of course, there’s bugs (BIG bugs, they don’t grow ’em that big back in Illinois), but there are also birds and big frogs that eat the big bugs. It’s basically a natural paradise of a different color here!

  6. We vacationed in CO quite a bit when we lived in KS and I still love going there, but it’s a longer drive since we’re in OK.

    Which lake was that? The clouds were beautiful when the photos were taken; it’s great to see the colorful sailboats also.

  7. Oops – I did not read all posts before commenting regarding the lake. We have relatives that live in that area.

  8. Oh my! Those pics are heavenly!!! Your husband did a fantastic job with those! It looks very relaxing in them! I started project 2 but haven’t gotten too far yet!

  9. Hi Sheri! My sister is looking into moving to Fort Collins. I’m so excited! I’d love to visit Loopy Central. Guess what else? I’ve been designing. My project made the cover of PieceWork. I’M A COVER GIRL!

    1. Congratulations on your cover project! And we’ll definitely keep our fingers crossed that we get to see you out here in person when your sister moves!

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