Fibernymph Inversibles, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and More!

Turquoise-Purple-The-Loopy-EweThe Monday Yarn Update is ready for you! Just up, you’ll find:

Fibernymph Dye Works – Inversibles. This is a new line from Lisa, and you’re going to love them. These skeins are paired to stripe exactly opposite of one another for socks that match …. but don’t. 🙂 For example, the Orange Lemon has one 200 yard skein that is lemon with orange stripes, and one 200 yard skein that is orange with lemon stripes. Why have matching socks when you can have Inversibles? You can also use them for different shawl combinations, or hats with brims and tops with different colors. We have 20 different color sets – pick your favorite. Here is a pair of the Turquoise Blue/Purple socks that Elf Julia knit up this month. And shown below in Fuchsia/Purple and Cardinal/Forest.

Fuchsia-Purple-The-Loopy-Ewe Cardinal-Forest-The-Loopy-Ewe

Blue Moon Fiber Arts – Socks that Rock Heavyweight. This 100% Superwash Merino worsted weight yarn is luscious! The same great twist as in the fingering weight base, which makes it perfect for showing off stitches on sweaters, hats, vests, and scarves. And with a shopping 350 yards in the skein, it’s a great deal as well. Shown below in our exclusive Loopy Hue, and Tomatilla.

Loopy-Hue-The-Loopy-Ewe Tomatilla-The-Loopy-Ewe

Blue Q bags re-stocked in Shoppers (including the popular Knit City bag), Handy Totes, Large Pouches, and Shoulder Totes. These bags are a great way to protect your projects. The Shopper is a large bag with handles, perfect for toting large projects or for tooling around town as you run errands and want a green alternative to paper bags from each shop you stop in. The Handy Totes make great project bags and they also make fun gift bags. Check out the Shoulder Totes when you need a big bag that zips closed (projects, carry-on, beach, etc). And the Large Pouches are great for your knitting accessories or as organizer pouches in your purse or backpack. With these cute designs, it’s hard to pick just one! Shown below in the Shopper size, in Knit City and Mister Cat.

knit-city-The-Loopy-Ewe Mister-Cat-The-Loopy-Ewe

The Loopy Ewe Solid Series – Butterscotch has come back in, and we’ve re-stocked the Steampunk Loopy Cakes set as well!

Butterscotch-The-Loopy-Ewe Steampunk-The-Loopy-Ewe

Have fun shopping through the new things and we’ll get shipped quickly and on their way to your home.

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew




    1. Wasn’t it? We’re so glad Lisa came up with it and shared her yarn with us! (I bought three myself. Can’t wait to knit them up!)

  1. LOVE the inversible yarn and Elf Julia’s socks!

    Did Elf Julia work her short row heel as an afterthought heel, or was the short row heel worked like normal, just as she progressed on the sock? Her stripes are really even, so I thought it had to be done as an afterthought heel, but figured it was better to ask than just assume.

    1. She did a regular short row heel – not an afterthought. It worked out just right though, didn’t it?

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