Wednesday Ketchup-Catsup-Catch-Up and a CONTEST

This is a Ketchup Catsup Catch-up day on the blog, as there are miscellaneous things I wanted to touch base on today. First of all, we have prizes to award:

1. For Loopy’s Spring Challenge, we used the Random Number Generator to pick two winners from all participants. Meredith in MA and Kristine in CO each won a $25 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate!

2. For the blog contest about great knitting books for your library, we are sending Light and Layered Knits to Marla in CA, Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary to Stephanie in CO, The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet Volume One to Jane in KS, and The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet Volume Two to Lindsay in PA. (Remember, if you’d like a good deal on Hunter’s patterns or ebooks, you have until this Friday to pick one out because of the special offer she set up for us! See our Designer Spotlight blog post with Hunter for details.)

Summer-Love-Wrap-The-Loopy-Ewe3. Camp Loopy – how are your first projects coming along? I really like my Summer Love Wrap, done in Universal’s Cotton Supreme. I made a sweater out of this same color once, but it was too big (and darned if that yarn does.not.shrink no matter how many times you wash it and send it through a hot dryer). I had to give it away. So I’m glad to have something else done up in this beautiful Aqua color.

Pogona-The-Loopy-Ewe4. Also regarding Camp Loopy – this Glamping on Loopy Lake colorway is one of my most favorites ever.Β Next, I want a sweater out of it. (Click on the photo to see how the deep lake navy and the deep woods green play together). I also saved enough skeins of the February color for a sweater. And I think the March Celebrations color would be the greatest color in the world for a t-shirt and jeans sweater. Of course Jack is Back would be a beautiful neutral sweater for blacks and browns. I also set aside a skein of it to make myself Jack Socks.

5. I had to search on Ravelry to see if there were any cute Jack Sock patterns.Β Maybe Jack Thermal. I did find this adorable Jack-O-Lantern, which has nothing to do with the Jack is Back colorway. But isn’t he fun? I love Alan Dart patterns.

SONY DSC6. I ran across the best shortcut for making s’mores, ever.

7. For those of you who email often to ask how Mocha-the-outdoor-cat is doing these days, here’s a photo from this past weekend.Β He still belongs to our backyard neighbors, but he spends several days a week sleeping the day away on our back deck, and popping over a few times in the evenings as he takes his neighborhood stroll. I’m pretty sure they have no idea he spends half his life at our house. We’re happy to have him around. Since that post in the link above from 12/11, not only do we put food and water out for him, but we give him a daily brushing and he loves to be picked up. Do you think that might be why he hangs around?? πŸ™‚

Burger8. Back to ketchup – I had homemade (restaurant-made) ketchup in Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant in Las Vegas last fall, when I was there for a yarn industry meeting. (Look – here’s a blurry picture of Beth from Lorna’s Laces, but at least you can see the amazing fries and homemade ketchup on our table.)Β It was the best ketchup ever. Want to try your hand at homemade Ketchup? Here’s a link that I found on Pinterest. Or this one looks good, too.

9. Or how about Ketchup cookies? Β (Um, no.)

Mrs-Crosby2-The-Loopy-Ewe10. What’s your favorite thing to put ketchup on? And how do you prefer to spell it: Catsup or Ketchup?

Leave a comment below and we’ll pick a winner for this fun giftbag from Mrs. Crosby! It contains a skein of Steamer Trunk in Sunset Regatta, a skein of Carpet Bag in Hot Pimiento, a bar of Rosemary Mint Soap, a cute knitting card, and a pattern for Bettie’s Bell hat, which uses either a skein of Steamer Trunk or Carpet Bag. So you could make two hats – one for yourself and one for a friend. We’ll announce the winner in next Wednesday’s blog!

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  1. I think I’ve been suckered in by Heinz and spell it Ketchup. Favorite to put it on is a hamburger. Now 2 yr old DD loves to dip things into ketchup! If I had a garden, maybe I would try handmade, but I’m okay with store bought here. (sjn821 on Rav)

  2. Ketchup is best used on veggie corn dogs with spicy mustard in my opinion.
    Oh, more Mocha pics and updates would be appreciated – such a pretty kitty.

  3. I’ve always said ketchup. But my grandmother always corrects me and says catsup. We tend to smother it on many things no matter what it is called.

  4. I love to put ketchup (my preferred spelling) on mashed potatoes. Also on creamed spinach. I know that’s weird, but it really tastes good.

  5. I prefer to spell it ketchup, though I think catsup is totally acceptable. I like it best on burgers and fries and hot-dogs- all the traditional summer foods. It’s also really good in crock-pot sauce for pot-roast.

  6. My favorite thing to put ketchup on is fries πŸ™‚ I do know a friend who puts it on spaghetti! (which is crazy, i think). I spell it ketchup but i like the looks of catsup better πŸ™‚

  7. spelling depends on my mood but most time I think I use catsup as it is easier to remember. My favorite food to have it on is McDonald’s french fries πŸ™‚

  8. I spell it ‘Katsup’ because I keep misspelling the word, so I made up my own way to spell it. I like it on French fries and toasted cheese sandwiches.

  9. ketchup. i love it on waffle fries. we go through a lot here. we’re really into condiments in general.

  10. For me it’s ketchup. I’ve got to try those recipes with my kids.

    Oh, and I’d love some Mrs. Crosby!

  11. Just saw your question about Catsup. I love that Killer recipe you linked too. May have to try that this summer if the tomatoes I’m growing cooperate. I love to put catsup on braunsweiger sandwiches and french fries. and usually see it spelled as above, with the C. Thanks for your wonderfully informative blog.

  12. DH was born in Pittsburgh, so we use ketchup. We have a short-haired Mocha who hung around our house and is now our cat. She’d been declawed and abandoned!

  13. Ketchup! Love it on almost everything (expect yarn)!
    I used to eat ketchup “pizza” as a kid because I disliked tomato sauce.

  14. I spell it Ketchup, although my mom still spells it catsup. I love it with a grilled cheese sandwich and fries. The best. I could become a Heinz spokesperson because it’s the only brand I’ll buy.

  15. I *really* like ketchup. I think my favorite vehicle for it is on an Eggie McMeggies, which is an english muffin, american cheese, and runny fried egg sandwich, with a healthy ketchupping.

    I also like to do open faced Fancy Eggie McMeggies on a crumpet…also with a healthy ketchupping!

  16. Ketchup on hamburgers! I love fries as they come, and don’t usually put ketchup on them, but I don’t think I could eat a burger without it.

  17. Mmm, ketchup! It is right up there with bacon as one of the perfect foods. Fries, hamburgers, hot dogs….
    I once had a friend that used to save his lunch money and took ketchup sandwiches to school.

  18. I spell it – ketchup. I put it in my famous hamburger mixture (along with soy, worcestershire sauce and spices). BUT, my grandson (almost 4), puts it on his blueberry waffles!!! YUK!

  19. Ketchup- mine and Heinz (hometown best ketchup ever) spelling. ;). French fries must be ate with ketchup!! πŸ™‚

  20. Ketchup! And it *needs* to go on hamburgers and French fries! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win… that yarn looks delicious, even without ketchup!

  21. I find that I don’t type catsup very often, but I believe that the is my preferred spelling. The funny thing is that I pronounce it ketchup. Though I’m not actually sure. Cool give away though. I think I’ve lived way too many place in the last 15 years. (Life of the wandering grad student then post doc.)

  22. I definitely want to try my hand at homemade ketchup – my kids love to eat it on everything! Thanks for the links!

  23. I’d perfect to call it “cat”sup, as, of course any word that has cat is very meow here! Haven’t had much the past few years. The lower sodium diet is boring. But, lots on fries that are deep-fried in peanut oil. A perfect match.

  24. I spell it ketchup and I love it on sweet potato fries (any fries, really). I used to love it on fried eggs as a kid and will still put it on fried egg sandwiches sometimes.

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