Glamping Along with Camper’s Crunch

unnamedHow is your Camp Loopy Project One knitting coming along? I am working on the Summer Love Wrap out of Universal Cotton Supreme and love the way it is turning out. This yarn is so soft and is my favorite cotton yarn to work with. Universal-Cotton-Supreme-The-Loopy-EweI even made a sweater out of this same color a couple of years ago, but it turned out too big and was sent off to Goodwill. I’m glad to have something else out of this happy Aqua color. (And this photo of my project is not at all close to the real color. Our website photo of the yarn, however, is spot on.) I’m using three skeins, which will end up being about 540 yards. The pattern calls for 550-600, but I’m hoping it will be long enough. I need to save time to knit other things this month, too!

How about your Camp Loopy Fabric Project One? I will have to photo the beautiful bag that Quilting Elf Jenny finished up for her fabric challenge project last week. (Or if you’re local, pop in the shop and see it.) And I happened to see the design that Denise is using for her fabric project – really cool use of her challenge batiks. I can’t wait to see the finished photo of that one. Seeing all of your projects (knitted, crocheted, quilted or sewn) is one of the best parts of Camp for me!

I’m repeating a recipe today because it is such a perfect recipe for Camp, and got rave reviews when I posted it a few years ago. Easy, delicious, and I think you need to keep a big glass jar of it available on your kitchen counter, all throughout Camp Loopy.

Campers-Crunch-The-Loopy-EweCamper’s Crunch

4 cups of Golden Grahams cereal
3 cups of miniature marshmallows
2 cups of milk chocolate chips

Mix and store in an air-tight container.

So – how is your project coming along? Are you happy with it so far? Haven’t started yet? Wondering how much time it will really take you to knit 400 yards? Almost done and looking forward to finding out what Project #2 entails? Fill us in!

Sheri rainyweekendahead,whichmeansplentyofknittingtimeahead

(Camper’s Crunch photos originally from Tracie’s website, and used with permission.)


  1. I am doing Hermonie’s Everyday socks with Biscotte & Cie’s Uniforme du sorcier and LOVE them so far. It is the absolutely perfect project and yarn for my inner Harry Potter fan! Best Camp Loopy project ever!

  2. I’m about halfway done.

    Really loving the Hand Maiden Casbah yarn. It’s so smooth. It just flies off the needles!

  3. Getting pretty close on my “Gramps” cardigan! Just a little bit of one sleeve left and then the rolled collar. Wish I could start the next project as soon as I get this one done…it motivates me! 🙂

  4. Shawl in solemate is itty bitty compared to my 43″ square and still growing quilt top. Hoping I have enough to back it.

  5. My camp project is the Code: Armonika Cowl made with Cascade Yarns Eco Alpaca. The yarn is so soft and beautiful…wonderful to knit. Today, I started the second skein! LOVE reading the posts and interacting with other campers…..they are lovely, talented people!!!

  6. I’m happy with my wall hanging so far (participating in the Fabric Version) AND I just happened to see the recipe and picture of the Camper’s Crunch before I went grocery shopping – I’ll get our batch mixed after work tomorrow 🙂

  7. looking forward to the details of project two.
    Project one was well underway, however a sizing issue has forced a trip to the frog pond. And, project one, “take two”, is underway!!!!!!

  8. Should be at the half way point today on my sock project. Love working with the Lorna’s Lace Solemate that I chose for this project. Definitely making some Camper Crunch. Yummy! Can’t wait to hear about project #2.

  9. After today I should be about 1/3 of the way done with my shawl. I had to frog and restart several times but am learning a lot in the process and loving it!

  10. My Camp knitting project – Ethel shawl – could be done but I still have part of the third hank of Shalimar Breathless that certainly shouldn’t go to waste so will knit until I run out. This morning up bright and early and working on my Camp fabric project – I’ve just got one border to add before I can start on that tree.

  11. I’m doing Cloud Illusions (Boo Knits) using Cascade Heritage Silk – still in the increasing stitches stage – should finish that this weekend. I’m looking forward to knitting the lace portion of the shawl. Can’t wait to see it finished – hope it looks as good as the pictures on Ravelry.

  12. Around half way with my project by row count but there are increases each row. A blog post will be done to explain it all.

    As for #2, I can’t wait to learn about it as I want to get everything picked out and ordered and to me before we leave on vacation. We’re driving, so plenty of knitting time!

  13. Finisheed project one cant wait till next challenge..of course crocheting a shawl is a lot quicker than knitting,, I really like the seasonings series I used

  14. I have not started my knitting project yet (socks made out of Wollmeise) as I am test knitting two shawls at the moment. I will start tomorrow perhaps. I did finish my fabric challenge and am thrilled about that! I am really looking forward to hearing about our next session of camp.

  15. I am loving my project–Pinctada and dreaming of project #2. I love the wrap you are working on and just added it to my queue

  16. I am about half way on the Hitchhiker. We have one more week of traveling (and being in Ft. Collins! ) so I hope I can finish it… and get to the Loopy Ewe to check out all the great yarn and fabric!

  17. I’ve forgotten how to knit lace! I finally have my “Miss Dashwood” shawl well on the way and hoping to have the edge done while I’m on vacation this week. I LOVE the madelinetosh yarn (a treat!) I am really looking forward to hearing about project two!

  18. My had to frog my Hogwarts express bc the stitch count was off and I couldn’t find where so it was easier to co again. I guess that’s what happens to me when I knit at the movies lol .

  19. I’m amazed at the number of people who haven’t started CL 1 yet – AAACKKK – I would never finish if I didn’t knit every day at least a few rows. Of course I work full time + and I stitch too and don’t knit exclusively until crunch time comes with CL and I have to put the peddle to the metal to finish on time. I am knitting Metallury , by Very Busy Monkey and using Shalimar Breathless for the 1st time. For my CL projects – I try very hard to try a new to me yarn for every camp project if at all possible. Cheers Sheri – hope you enjoy your glamping along too. Mel

  20. I am finally getting started — cast on today. I am knitting a strolling scarf with madelinetosh prairie in hollyhock. Love the way it is working up so far!

  21. I am churning away on my project. But I am already looking ahead to project 2. I think info will be coming soon!

  22. I’m knitting a sweater out of fingering weight, and after some initial hold ups (it’s my first time working with contiguous sleeves), it’s going quite well! Can’t wait to be done and to find out if I can manage in time!

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