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I will admit it. I love books. I love books so much that I was a remedial reading teacher before my husband and I had kids. When we moved from St. Louis to Fort Collins three years ago, I got rid of a lot of books. The moving company charges by weight. Guess what weighs a lot? BOOKS! One thing I did not get rid of were my knitting and quilting books. (Because that would just be silly.)

Some books I buy because I want to make some of the patterns in there. Here’s what my knitting and quilting bookcase looks like at home. (Hey – there’s still plenty of room to add more. I might need to go shopping.)


Some books I buy just because when I look through them, I get inspired. I keep a small stack of these books on the shelf right behind my sewing machine table. These are the books that I want to have quick and frequent access to, because I love looking through them. I love the patterns, I love the colors, and reading through them makes me want to knit (or quilt). I don’t want them to get lost in the multitude that sits in the bookcase. Here is what is currently on that little shelf.


Today, I want to share some books with you! I have two books from market – a brand new stitch dictionary from awesome Wendy Bernard – signed!, a book of pretty sweaters from talented Vicki Square, and two of my all-time favorite knitting books by Hunter Hammerson – Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet books, volumes 1 and 2. These are always on my little shelf, because I love reading through them and being inspired by her designs. Hunter sent me these copies, which I will share with you! These books are not just socks – there are mitts, hats and shawls in there as well. (Volume Three comes out later this month. We’ll be featuring Hunter in a Designer Spotlight when her third book is available, so you’ll learn more about her.)


To enter the contest, leave a comment and tell me about a knitting/quilting/sewing book that you would keep on your little shelf, if you had one. (Not a collector of books? Then tell us something else that inspires your creativity.)  You can also tell us which of these four books you’d love to win. I’ll draw names next week and will be sending these books on their way to new homes soon!

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  1. My go-to books are the 2 books from the Stich n’ Bitch series. The first SnB Knitting Handbook and the follow up Superstar Knitting. I find I’m always reaching for them when I need to learn a new technique, or remember an old one!

  2. I also love knitting books, and Up, Down, All-Around is on my wishlist! I love Hunter’s books and have knit several of her patterns.

  3. Maggis Ireland, and the big Lopi book have been sitting on mine along with the DON kids book with the ladybug sweater on the cover.

    I love switch guides so that would get my vote

  4. I love the Opinionated Knitter by EZ or any of her books. I would welcome any of the books you are sharing with us.

  5. I actually don’t own many knitting books – mostly I use ravelry for patterns. However, one of my most used books is Knitting Rules – I love the simple “rule of thumb” sizing hints!

  6. Art inspires my creativity. Exposing myself to all kinds of arts is a great way to get ideas for details I could add or change when knitting from patterns I like in order to make the resulting piece uniquely mine. In terms of books, I’ve been inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books, because she encourages us to use our creativity instead of merely replicating what she’s done stitch by stitch. I also find inspiration in stitch dictionnaries; more than once, I simple picked a stitch pattern, and went from there to create blankets, a shrug, etc. Pattern books in general are also good sources of inspiration.
    I would love to add Light & Layered Knits to my bookshelf – simply based on the sweater pictured on the cover, I have a good feeling I’d find inspiring designs in there!

  7. My little shelf books are toe up socks by Wendy Johnson, cast on, cast off and Pretty little patchwork. Thanks. I would love the knitting dictionary or either of the curiosity cabinet books.

  8. The book that is absolutely knitting nirvana for me is “Entrelac: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting” by Rosemary Drysdale. I can spend hours fantasizing about which project I would most love to take on – and be most likely to finish!

    The Vicki Square book appeals to me most of all.

  9. I would love that Up, Down, and All Around as I want a stitch dictionary, I also really want to get the Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook! I have Cast On, Bind Off and it will live on my shelf too!

  10. Cast on, Bind off by Cap Sease, should be on everyone’s shelf.

    I’d really like – The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II

    I draws inspiration from modern art, french architecture, and fashion.

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