Not a Good Combination

When you have these cute little bunnies hopping around the back yard:



You don’t want to see these swoopy guys circling above.



Just another day in the back yard. (And the common ground behind the house, in case you thought our grass was that long.)

Also roaming around (not in our backyard, but not too far away):



What do moose eat?

Sheri realizinghawksneedtoeat.Howaboutsquirrelsinsteadofbunnies?


  1. I hope the bunny escaped!

    from Wikipedia:

    The moose is a herbivore and is capable of consuming many types of plant or fruit. The average adult moose needs to consume 9,770 kcal (40.9 MJ) per day to maintain its body weight.[53] Much of a moose’s energy is derived from terrestrial vegetation, mainly consisting of forbs and other non-grasses, and fresh shoots from trees such as willow and birch…A typical moose, weighing 360 kg (790 lb), can eat up to 32 kg (71 lb) of food per day.

  2. Moose eat grass…so the bunnies are safe from them. 🙂 I’m sure the hawks eat squirrels too, not just bunnies. I kind of wish something would chase away the bunnies that live in my yard–and eat my garden!

  3. I never cease to be amazed by the number of bunnies I see when I visit Colorado – it’s just crazy! (Crazy cute, but still crazy)

  4. The bunnies in our yard seem to be multiplying-well, like rabbits! We live in rural central WV, so we have all kinds of critters eating each other. Honestly, I worry more about my 6 lb poodle getting picked up by a hawk than the bunnies. Our bunnies have this mean streak of teasing my dogs when I am walking them. They know about how close they can get to the boys w/o them being able to catch them.

  5. It’s fascinating to watch the critters, isn’t it? Throw in the feral cat colony in my neck of the woods (pun not intended) and there’s much crunchin’ and munchin’ going on. Plus, Salty Dog is determined to get him a squirrel. Almost had one last week. I’ve been told squirrels “don’t play,” so that will be interesting if he does catch one.

  6. If you see a baby moose it’s best to keep your distance and not get between mom and baby. Sort of like bears, not fun and mom can corner you for quite a while, from what I heard from a ranger.

  7. Run little bunny!

    The hawks here also eye all the lovely little goslings, which keeps Mother and Papa Goose on the alert.

  8. Bunnies may be cute but they destroyed our garden (the plants that didn’t freeze along with those that did). We had to replant everything today. Regular fence, electric fence, chili powder, a cayenne/Tabasco combo we are hoping will save the new plants. Pellet gun at the ready!

  9. I would rather not think about what the hawks or even the eagles want to eat! I like the bunnies and squirrels that are in my yard!

  10. I have a Yorkie—there is a hawk that hangs around my parents’ house, and when we visit them, I worry that he will scoop Hannah up. 🙁

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