Who Knits and Why? And a CONTEST!

Collage-wall-The-Loopy-EweI have an idea for this blank wall in our shop. I had this idea for our St. Louis shop, but there was never a really good wall to use. Wall space is valuable in a shop! However, this one needs to stay shelf-free because otherwise the aisle gets too narrow. We could hang a quilt there, but I have a better idea. I’d like to do an inspirational collage with photos and text. That’s where you come in!

As I was going through Pinterest today during lunch, I realized that there are a lot of old pictures of knitters out there. I don’t mean elderly knitters. I mean the photos were taken a long time ago. Where are the current photos of people knitting and having fun? Young, old, male, female, groups and singles? To look at the photos, you’d think this was an art that dyed out more than 50 years ago. See what I mean?

So what I’d like to do with this wall is to feature pictures of knitters (knitting alone or in knitting groups), and include quotes from people about why they knit. Would you like to be on our wall, inspiring others? I’d love for you to send us photos of you and/or your friends knitting. (send them to: jberger@theloopyewe.com) Include a note that tells us where you are from, if you’d like us to add that to the photo. We’d like to show that knitting is fun for everyone, and still alive and well in the world! I’d also love to know why you knit. Why is it important to you? What does it do for you? Is it something you’ll do forever, or until a new hobby comes up? Do you come from a long line of knitters, or are you the first in your family? Leave a comment below and let us know. We’ll print out some of your comments to include with the photos on the wall.

As a thank you for your help with this project, we’ll be drawing some winners from the participants! We’ll draw a name from the comments below (answering the question, “Why do you knit?”) for a $25 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate. If you email us a photo, we’ll enter you into an additional contest, where you could win a special package from us. If you send us a photo of your whole knitting group and you win, we’ll mail you a box with a gift for everyone in the photo!

Of course I’ll share a photo of the wall when we’re done. I hope your picture or comment will be up there!

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  1. I learned how to knit from my mother when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I knit because it is therapeutic.

  2. I knit because I have a creative side & knitting functional art is the best way I can express it!

  3. Knitting is one of the most beautiful crafts that challenges my mind while allowing me to create something lovely in such an amazing manner! Knitting keeps me sane! Knitting has been my therapy when times have been beyond sad. The saying “I love taking a piece of string and turning it into something I can wear” rings so true to me! I knit for the joy of it!!!

  4. I knit because I love it! My fingers get itchy if I don’t knit for several days. I knit mostly for charity, and the occasional gift, but I think I just like to knit. I also like the creativity — once I’ve done a pattern, generally as written, I can modify, change the yarn, tweak the pattern, make it my own!

  5. There’s something very soothing about having fine fibers run through my fingers, transforming into something useful and beautiful.

  6. My mom taught me to knit and I didn’t do much with it until a few years ago. I picked up a book and was reminded of the stitches. I knit because I love creating something beautiful that can be worn, the colors and that it is a skill that can be shared. My husband wears socks I have made for him and it’s rewarding to make a gift for someone using a talent I have been blessed with.

  7. I knit but cause I must. It is part of me. The fiber flowing thru my fingers calms and centers me after a busy day. I cannot imagine not knitting.

  8. I knit to connect with my mom and gran. I knit because I love the colors, the textures and the surprises that always appear as the garment grows. I love the people for whom I knit because otherwise, I don’t knit.

  9. First knitter in my family.

    I think I responded to this very question a few years ago, and my answer remains the same: I knit to distract myself from the chronic pain after the six (was five) abdominal operations I’ve had. The more complex the pattern, the better, because I have to concentrate on the knitting – it takes my brain away from thinking about my lower abdomen and toward what I’m doing with my hands.

    I don’t know what I would have done without the craft. Before I began knitting in 2005 I was a mess, lying in bed with a heating pad jammed in my tummy (it’s like really bad menstrual cramps). I still have bad days but I’m light years ahead of where I was 10 years ago.

    “In the rhythm of the needles, there is music for the soul.” True dat. šŸ™‚

  10. I knit because it is relaxing, productive, fun, and gives me something valuable to do while I watch tv.. I’m a first generational knitter but I hope to be knitting for the next 50 years!

  11. I knit to relax!! Sometimes I don’t care if I finish anything. It’s just great therapy for me. I have a stressful job and knitting keeps me sane!!

  12. I knit because it’s a great technique for me to think about work-related complicated problems without freaking out about them!

  13. Knitting is truly therapeutic for me!! It calms my heart, soul and mind-almost always;). I love creating so it is also a form of expressing myself; in my love of color, love of life and love of working with my hands. It also helps me express my love to others with a “heart-made” gift. Knitting is THE BEST therapy ever!!!:-)

  14. I knit for two separate reasons –
    the first is to create something unique and beautiful
    the second is as a displacement activity for pain management

    My husband had a good laugh the other day – I needed displacement knitting to take to his work social, and my simplest current project was a fair isle cardigan.

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