Swans Island, Loopy Cakes and Atenti Bags!

Happy Monday to you!  Starting this week, we’re making Mondays our Yarn Update days and Thursdays our Fabric Update days. That way, if you just knit/crochet or just sew, you know which day to check for new things on the website. If you do both, check both days!

Can you believe the first quarter of the year is over? That was fast! I have done something new this year – I’ve already knit up some Christmas gifts. (It helps to be knitting up the Celebration colors, and working on Giftable patterns.) I think I will be happy, once the fall rolls around and I don’t have a pile of things that need to be knit up. We have some beautiful yarn just up tonight, if you’re in the mood to start in on some gift knitting yourself. (Or – better yet – make something and keep it!) Just up, you’ll find:

Swans Island Natural Colors Fingering – 100% Organic Merino Wool. Swans Island wool is spun in a historic mill in Maine and then hand-dyed using all-natural dyes. You’ll love how soft this yarn is, and it comes with a whopping 525 yards in the skein, making it perfect for longer socks, one skein shawls, and sweaters! Pattern ideas for Natural Colors and Pure Blends Fingering: Checkerboard Lace Scarf, Gemma Shawl, Dissent, Geometry/Hypotenuse, Paulie, Yellow Wall Cardigan, Earl Grey, or Flutter of The Wings. Shown below in Lupine, Raspberry and Tarragon.


Swans Island Pure Blends Fingering – 85% Organic Merino Wool and 15% Alpaca. The Pure Blends are handcrafted in small lots, using a blend of the finest certified organic Merino wool and naturally colored alpaca. Minimal processing and a low micron count gives the Merino its incredibly soft feel. The color in the skein comes from the natural coloring of the alpaca fiber. It comes in just two colors – Seasmoke and Oatmeal.


Swan’s Island Natural Colors Worsted – 100% Organic Merino Wool in the worsted weight. (Also spun in Maine and dyed with natural dyes.) These skeins have 250 yards each, and work well for sweaters, heavier shawls, mittens, hats and scarves. Pattern ideas for Natural Colors and Pure Blends Worsted: Adara, Lila, Piscataqua, Overlynd, Alewives Hat & Cowl, April Mitts, Brimson, and Dustland Hat. Shown below in Mulled Cider, Beet Root and Rose Quartz.


Swans Island Pure Blends Worsted – 85% Organic Merino Wool and 15% Alpaca. Wonderfully soft and special. Make a sweater for yourself and a scarf or hat to give as a gift! It comes in just two colors – Seasmoke and Oatmeal.


Swans Island Natural Colors Lace – 50% Merino Wool and 50% Tussah Silk. Spun in a historic mill in Maine and then hand-dyed using all-natural dyes. Each skein comes with 530 yards, a great size for shawls and lightweight sweaters and shrugs. Pattern Ideas: Beaded Lace Scarf II, Morticia, Ipomoea, Juliette Scarf, Nuvem, Walk on the Moon, Pretty Thing (note – you can make about 3 from one skein – perfect for gifts!), and Radiance Shawl. Shown below in Guava, Lapis and Fog.


The Loopy Ewe – Loopy Cakes in Chocolate and Roses (a re-stock) and Majestic (new). We had a few people ask about doing a Loopy Cakes set for the stunning Peaks design by Maria at m1 Designs. The only thing you need to add is a skein of black to go along with it.


Atenti Bags – new prints in the Overnighter bags. I know many of you love these bags as much as I do. My favorite use is to keep it out near my knitting area, organizing (and hiding) all of my smaller project bags. I also love it for traveling. It makes a great carry on. Shown below in Summer Queen, Larks Caribbean, and Pointer.


Have fun shopping and we’ll get your orders packed up and shipped out tomorrow! 

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. The winner of our Three Things contest blog is Loide from Texas. Congratulations to you, Loide!


  1. Sheri, the split updates are a great idea, but I bet we all read them both lol! I love those Atenti bags!

  2. I will be reading both updates! I love the all of the yarn and I love the fabric selection! Each update is a chance to dream up another project.

  3. Wowsers! I just found out! I’m currently in Las Vegas at a conference and finally got some internet time! Thanks ever so much, Sheri!

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