Self-Striping Yarns

It’s always fun to knit with self-striping yarn. Socks look good in plain knits or easy ribbing, but there are also some patterns that showcase striping socks particularly well. I made these out of String Theory Colorworks Self-Striping yarn, using the Staccato Socks pattern by Veronik Avery. It’s similar to a Feather and Fan pattern (increases and decreases, which make the rows move), but you knit through the back loop to close up the holes. I like how they turned out. (We have a big order in the works with them, but we do have a few still left from the last batch.)


We’ve also made some Biscotte and Cie Socks (well, quite a few of those, actually!) with some easy striping patterns. Here are some that I did in January using the Harris Tweed pattern. It adds a little texture, while still keeping the stripes intact. We have lots of Biscotte & Cie choices in fingering weight. The second photo shows striping socks (again, Biscotte & Cie) done in a plain foot with a regular 3 x 2 ribbing on the cuff.

Biscotte & Cie The Loopy Ewe


Lynn made a sock with Desert Vista Dyeworks self-striping yarn that turned out beautifully. She did a plain foot and cuff, with just a bit of ribbing at the top to help it stay up.


Striping yarn is fun to use in hats, too. Here’s a baby hat that Loopy customer Christine did with Biscotte & Cie, using the Swirl Hat pattern. (That’s the same pattern I used for the Loopy Cakes Swirl Hat, shown here.)


And here’s a Sockhead Hat knit up in Biscotte & Cie fingering weight, which shows smaller stripes. Sockhead Hats are a lot of knitting around and around, but I think it shows off striping and multi-color yarns just beautifully.

Sockhead-hat-the-loopy-ewe   Sockhead2-hat-the-loopy-ewe

If you like heavier weight yarn, we have Biscotte & Cie in the worsted weight, and here’s a hat that I knit using the Waffle Hat pattern. This was a really quick knit.


It’s also fun to use self-striping yarn for mitts and cowls. We shared this Smokescreen pattern last fall with our Fall Giftables customers, which uses a fun stitch pattern for self-striping mitts and headband/ear warmer, which were done in Biscotte & Cie fingering weight as well.


Are you ready to make something with self-striping yarn? Pop over and pick some up and give it a try!

Sheri readytostartmoreself-stripingsocksformyself


  1. What is the colorway for Lynn’s awesome socks! It’s hard to figure out from the skein, the order of the striping.

  2. Martina- it looks like it could be the Dio de Los Muertos colorway! It’s on the out of stock page! What a bummer because I love that color!

  3. So when are you going to get more of the Dia de los Muertos – which I’m pretty sure is the colorway Lynn used — back in stock? I’ve been waiting on that one since I know the perfect person for a pair of those!

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