Owls Around Fort Collins

The baby owls have hatched and are hanging out around Fort Collins again! There are two places that my hubby goes to photo them, and the owls come back to those same nests every year to hatch their babies. The babies are now at the point where they’ll be flying off with their parents pretty soon, learning to hunt and make their own way in the world. But in the meantime, we all have fun seeing them peeking their heads up above the nest and checking out everyone around them. (Of course you need to click on these photos to make the even bigger, because they’re so cool!) It is amazing how well their feathers blend in to their surroundings.







Last year we had Lorna’s Laces dye up a colorway named after our owl friends. It includes the owl colors and the sky color behind them, and we love how it turned out. It’s called Great Horned Owl!


Sheri wholovestheowlsbutnotthefactthattheyhuntcats


  1. In most of the pictures, it looks like they are well aware and staring right at the person taking the photos. And, hunting cats? I did not know that. Beautiful photos.

  2. Yes, they’re very curious and do watch! (Except for the Mama Owl who always looks like she’s about ready to fall asleep. It’s a lot of work to take care of those babies.) Of course these were all taken with a very long lens. You can’t get that close to them. They do hunt small animals – cats, rodents, rabbits, squirrels, etc.

  3. For years we looked forward to visiting the Courthouse in Geneva, IL to see the baby owls. Haven’t seen them the last couple of years πŸ™
    Love the owls. Glad you shared!

  4. I wait for these pictures every spring, you know. I’ve been having a great time bird watching at Chez Sarah, and I know there are nests, but no owls. I have hawks. They’re too deep in the woods for me to see the babies, though. But still, I loves them!! πŸ˜€

  5. Gorgeous photos – the owls look so regal and sort of snarky all at the same time lol πŸ˜‰ Love the yarn color too … want to pet the yarn but I can’t reach Colorado from NJ just yet. lol

  6. Hey, Im a wildlife biology student at Colorado State University and i’m taking ornithology now and have to go birding for a project! do you know where the owl nest is? id love to go observe and photograph them!!

    1. Hi Ben – the nest they used to use is falling apart and hasn’t been used by them for two years now. I think there are still owl nests in the trees near the community college.

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