Monday Yarn Update: String Theory Colorworks, Sock Blockers, and More!

Time for another Monday update, and you’ll want to pop right over and get in on it, because we have:

String Theory Colorworks – Continuum Self-Striping! Caitlin is a busy mom who dyes for us as often as she can. Her self-striping colors are amazing and SO much fun to knit up. Remember the rainbow-colored ones I just did? (Color: Trifolium). Of course self-striping yarn is also fun for hats (Sockhead Hat is a great pattern) and mitts and gloves. Get her colors while you can. We won’t have another batch from Caitlin until late summer! (And if you’re on a self-striping roll, we have plenty of gorgeous Biscotte & Cie in stock, as well as Desert Vista Dyeworks and Fibernymph. I think I need one of those Rockabilly Bride colorways for myself.) Shown below in Ares and Large Hadron Collider.



The Loopy Ewe Loopy Cakes – re-stocked in the popular Steampunk, Majestic (which many are using for thePeaks Shawl) and 60’s Mod Squad which keeps selling out because the colors are so summer-fun. Check out the Loopy Cakes thread on Ravelry to see what people are using them for. Shown below in Steampunk and 60’s Mod Squad.

Steampunk-The-Loopy-Ewe 60's-Mod-Squad-The-Loopy-Ewe

Wooden Sock Blockers – re-stocked in all sizes. We have these cut for us, and then Elf Michael does the hand staining of each one. It’s a process, but we keep them re-stocked as often as we can!


Norwegian Knitting Thimbles – we’ve had these before, but I keep forgetting to talk about them. I tried one of these in a colorwork class that I took at Market last year, and it is brilliant. It helps you knit colorwork and keep the tension even. (Which is the one thing I have had trouble with before.) Do you need some beautiful colorwork ideas? Check out this pattern selection on Ravelry. Such fun patterns!


We won’t be having a Monday Update next week (May 5th) because I am heading to our TNNA Yarn Market this weekend in Indianapolis and won’t get home until late Monday night. So stock up in tonight’s update, and then we’ll be back with another one soon!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. So when might we hear something about Fall Fling? Since you are leaving for TNNA, it doesn’t look like it will be in April. Have a great trip!

  2. Still waiting for final hotel numbers, Joni. I had hoped it would be this week still, but it might be next week. 🙁

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