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TGV-The-Loopy-EweThere are some patterns out there that are just made for high speed knitting. The TGV (High Speed Knitting) shawl by Susan Ashcroft is one of them. Here’s the one that Elf Roberta whipped up in no time. She actually started it to have something easy to work on at Knit Night this week, but it was done too quickly! She made this out of one ball of Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy Socks in the Pinstripe color. But look at all of the other fun colors in that lineup, too. I can also see it in one of the Kauni colors that we just re-stocked in the shop.

TGV-Sheri-The-Loopy-EweThis pattern also looks great in solids. I knit this one out of Madelinetosh Sport (or DK), using one skein for the body and one skein for the ruffle. I remember it going very quickly and thinking I needed to do another one, soon! (Which I haven’t done yet, but after seeing Roberta’s, I’m ready to start one up.) It would also be beautiful in Shalimar Breathless DK, which is another favorite of mine.

Shalimar-Breathless-The-Loopy-EweI also think it would be fun to knit this pattern using skeins that shift subtly from one skein to the next. Like Glacier, Juniper Berry and Neptune from Shalimar Breathless. This is a combination that one of you ordered awhile back, and when I saw the three skeins next to each other, I bought a set for myself, too. (See the kind of trouble I get into when I look at your fun order choices??) This would also be a fun pattern to do with a multi-color body and a solid color ruffle. Or make one with stripes with one of the Loopy Cakes sets. The possibilities are endless. Fortunately, the knitting is High Speed, so you can make several!

Do you have other favorite patterns that knit up super quickly? If so, share them with us in the comments below. I’m always looking for great (quick) patterns.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of fingerless mitts for gifts. Fetching is one of my favorites. I almost always make mitts longer at the wrists and fingers and depending on the person with a thumb section or just a slit. Super fast and super cute. For guys, it’s a Turn a Square beanie from Jared Flood. Use a solid or tonal and usually Noro Silk Garden for the stripes, but you can use any luscious variegated/striping yarn. I always keep some ‘supplies’ on hand just in case…

  2. The TGV is such a great pattern! I first saw it on one of your customers on the day your shop opened here in FC. I could NOT stop looking at it! Fell in love with it immediately.

    My other faves for quick and mindless knitting are the Sockhead Hat and Irish Mesh cowl.

    That Shalimar Breathless is just the best – both the DK and the Fingering. I adore it.

  3. No matter how hard I try, there is just no thing as high speed knitting for me!!! I may need to try some of the suggestions here! Thanks!

  4. I knit a TGV while unexpectedly awaiting in various medical facilities with an IL. It did zoom along, and I loved being able to just estimate when to start the pleated ruffle, instead of needing a specific count. I need to do another one for me, now. For a while there I could whip out a Multnomah pretty fast (and did, 9 times, but I think I have recovered now).

  5. Hi, I’m giving my age away here but when I was a young thing in the 70s we used to use two vastly different sized needles for a quick knit – a big fat one and a skinny one. It seemed to work. Does anyone else remember this? It was a fad that died out again I think.

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