Wee Baby Hat and Booties

Cascade Superwash The Loopy Ewe 1Remember my post last week about total number of projects completed each year, and how I was hoping 2014 would bring more? Do I get to count a hat and booties as two projects? Because that would help. It IS two separate patterns. That makes a good case.

I made this set out of Cascade 220 Superwash and the hat plus booties used about 2/3 of the ball. The hat is Little Heaume and the booties are Little Chausses. I have no idea why the booties look quite a bit taller than the picture on the pattern. They’re about 3″ tall. Is that too tall for baby legs?? Also, the English version neglects to tell you to use the coordinating color for the first two rows and I didn’t pay attention to that until it dawned on Cascade Superwash The Loopy Ewe 2me that I had a second color that was supposed to go in there. Anyway, they were fun to knit and my friend Janice’s new grandbaby will look adorable in them, when she arrives in March!

Baby clothes are so fun to make because they go pretty quickly. (Well, they do if you pay attention and don’t have to frog anything. I made three booties total and restarted the hat halfway through. Hey – maybe those should count in my 2014 totals too?) Now to pick a sweet little baby sweater to make. Suggestions?

Sheri ormaybeababyblanketinstead?


  1. Hi Sherry! πŸ™‚ Nice work, as always! When I first saw the page, I thought “omg she knitted tiny cowgirl boots!” I don’t know why my brain thought that – but the booties are really sweet – what a fabulous color too. πŸ™‚
    Keep up the good work – I’m suffering with some “start-itis” this week so hopefully I can check off at least one finished project by month end.

  2. Try the Baby Boy 5 hour sweater( on Ravelry), it would be good for a boy or girl. And I’m doing the Pine Forest baby blanket for an upcoming(my first!!) grandbaby.

  3. I have a couple baby gifts to make, too. Might be a good idea to do hat and booties this time, though I did a blankie last time. People love the blankies.

  4. Very Cute!
    My go to sweater for new arrival’s is the Infant Guernsey Sweater and Hat—- can’t tell you how many I’ve done over the years. The Sea of Dreams baby blanket I did for Camp Loopy this summer was a fun knit!
    No matter what you decide I bet the Mom will love it!

  5. Heritage Blanket is another good baby blanket pattern and you could use some of the new Cascade Superwash Aran you just got in —just sayin

  6. Stefanie Japel’s Whirligig Shrug is cute and easy (I made mine in Cascade 200, too). I used Cascade Sierra for Raya Budrevich’s Cascade. The only problem with such adorable sweaters is when the little ones grow out of them too quickly!

  7. I recently made the Bigger Bitty Cardigan (pattern from KnitPicks) with TLE Malabrigo Rios. The pattern was super quick and easy, however, I cannot say enough good things about the Rios! So soft with great stitch definition. This is now my go-to combo for baby knits – that is if you can keep the Rios coming (which given how fantastic it is to work with, I can understand why there isn’t much in stock).

  8. How about the Baby Sophisticate sweater? It whips up in no time and is top-down seamless as well. Love the hat and booties! Adorable!

  9. I love the color of Cascade you chose for the hat and booties! I’ve been hooked on The Milo pattern-available on Rav. It is great for a boy or a girl and never boring with the different cable options given within the pattern.

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