Time to Knit for Yourself?

The holidays are over (we had a fun time – I hope you did, too!) and the holiday gift-knitting is also over. Now, it’s time to knit something special just for you. What will it be? I had fun knitting up three different Blue Sky Alpacas Petite Royal kits in December. One was a gift, and two were for me. I guess I started the knit-for-yourself theme a bit early.

I made two of the Catherine Cowls:




And I made a pair of the Windsor Mitts:


I finished a pair (a PAIR!) of socks last week and have another pair (a PAIR,!) that will be finished in the next few days. Not sure what’s wrong with me, knitting pairs all of a sudden. I also knit up another pair of mittens out of a skein of Rasta. Pictures soon. But first, I’ve taken a break to do a little baby knitting and a special project with our first Loopy Celebration’s yarn (oh, it’s luscious) that will go up next week.

Have you started on something for yourself this month? 

Sheri holdingouthopethatthegiftknittingwillbedoneearlierin2014.

P.S. Remember, we will have a Thursday Update for you tomorrow. Beautiful stuff going up. I’ll be sure to blog it.


  1. I am curious to see your baby knitting. I just learned that I am going to be a grandmother for the first time in August and am perusing patterns and loving every minute of it. I have done baby knitting before, of course, but the decisions seem so much more important for my own grandchild!

  2. I love the Royal! I have some but haven’t used it yet. It is soooo soft! I’m still working on gifts- 2 hats done and a pair of socks with beads (also my Loopy Challenge project) . I hope to have them done by her birthday and the challenge deadline! Knitting with beads requires patience! I’ve never done it before and am quite slow!

  3. Almost done with my Q4 challenge project, which is for me. 😀 After that, I’ve got a birthday present, a house warming gift, and two baby presents to knock out. Then maybe I’ll do something else for me. Like that sweater that keeps getting bumped back.

  4. Beautiful Royal projects, Sheri! Love that yarn.

    Hoping your work will inspire me to knit the two hat kits I have in the Petites.

    But I just started a baby blanket, do after that!

  5. I’m going to make myself a pair of socks (maybe two pair) after giving away a pair I was making for myself as a Christmas gift. I’m also going to make mitt pattern with beads for the Quarter Challenge (never knitted with beads before), but I have to finish a baby blanket first. Oh, I love knitting. It’s just so soothing!

  6. Current knitting includes two late holiday gifts (it’s ok, I won’t see these folks for awhile!) and a nice bulky weight scarf for ME! I have been wearing a Palindrome Scarf knit in (just shoot me) SIX colors of Bamboo Ewe, very bright & colorful but it rather clashes with my classy red wool coat. And it needed a bath. So, I’ve got some Europa Tweed in the Neutral colorway, and half of it’s knitted up in a broken rib pattern; just two more skeins to go! Sure hope it’s still winter by the time I get it done….

  7. This time of year, I pull out the tubs of yarn, look at TLE updates and get all excited about the possibilities. Right now, I am finishing up two WIPs from 2013. I also started a simple ribbed scarf for oldest son.

    However, there are some babies coming soon (friends, not in the family) and I need to get busy with some gifts. The stash is kind of meager in that department; so, I will have to do some shopping. Oh boy!

    For me? I have some neck things (cowls, scarfs, shawlettes) and socks in my future. Can’t decide what will come first.

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