Malabrigo, Blue Q, Moda, and Short Stacks

If you’re in the U.S., I hope you’re staying warm. It was 3 degrees here this morning, but the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and the snow from Saturday is sparkling! (Also? We just put new stuff up on the website for you, so all is well with our world!).

If you received our newsletter last week, you know we’re now splitting the Updates over two days of the week, because we have so much arriving here day to day. We’ve decided to add things to the website on Mondays and Thursdays this year, so it doesn’t get too overwhelming (for us, preparing the new things to put up, and for you, trying to see it all!). Just up today, you’ll find:

Malabrigo Sock – A soft, fingering weight merino yarn produced in Uruguay by a small family-owned company, along with a rural women’s cooperative. Kettle dyed to create rich, deep colors with subtle shadings. 440 yards to the skein, making it great for socks, shawls, scarves and hats. Shown here in Caribeno, Velvet Grapes, and Lettuce.


Malabrigo Nube – Pure merino wool roving for spinning or felting. (Nube means Cloud in Spanish, and we agree – it does feel like a cloud!). 4 oz per braid. Shown here in Indiecita, Piedras and Arco Iris.


Malabrigo Rasta – This 100% merino wool is Super Bulky and slightly felted, to knit up thick and cozy. My favorite mitten pattern is knit with just one skein of this, and they knit up so quickly. You’ll also find this great for hats, scarves and cowls. Shown here in Teal Feather, Pagoda and Zarzamora.


Blue Q Bags – I know many of you used these bags as gift bags over the holidays, because the Blue Q Rack got emptier and emptier! But now we’ve re-stocked, so you’ll find X-Large Pouches (great for project bags), Small Pouches (great for notions and accessories in your knitting bag), Large Pourches (great for bigger notions, DPN’s, rulers), Shoulder Totes (great for large projects or multiple small project bags, since it zips up), and Handy Totes (used by Elves around here for single project bags and lunch bags!). Shown here in the shoulder totes – Moon Garden, Bookworm and Letterpress.


Soak Mini Sets – We’ve re-stocked the mini-travel packets in groups of three. This size is perfect for adding in when you give a hand-knitted gift, or for tucking in your suitcase for washing things on the road.

Moda Fabrics Chantilly – Florals big and small in yellows, teals, lime greens, burgundies and berries. This would be beautiful in bags and clothes, as well as mixing it with other prints for quilts. 22 prints in all – here’s a little sample:


Moda Fabrics Modernism – Rich colors and prints in browns, olives, blues, and roses. I hope someone makes a quilt with this and shares a photo with me. It’s going to be gorgeous! 25 prints in all – here’s a little sample (note – I didn’t get the color right in my quick-snap. Check the Short Stack photo, below, for the true color!):


Short Stacks – One set from Moda Modernism and two sets from the new Chantilly line.


In last week’s newsletter, you also read that our Loopy Rewards program has new gifties and new level titles for 2014! We’ve named the levels after Colorado Fourteeners (mountain peaks that are over 14,000 ft. tall) and we even added in an extra gift-level for you. We have fun putting these gifts together for you in appreciation of your business, and we hope you enjoy them. (We found some fun new things for 2014!)

I’ve been busy knitting this past month and will show you some of my new projects on Wednesday’s blog. The extra days off around the holidays definitely boosted my finished project count! I need to take more days off. 🙂 Today – freezing cold. Would’ve been a good knitting day. What is the weather like in your neck of the woods today?

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  1. It’s cold!! The wind chill this morning was -49. I didn’t go to work. I spent the day knitting. Don’t do that very often.

  2. It was a touch chilly here in South Carolina. I think they said the high was 38. It’s normally 53. Going down to 14 overnight, and there’s a wind chill advisory here. People are absolutely flipping out!

    Of course, I was outside, taking down the Christmas decorations, in my Irish fisherman’s sweater, my Beekeeper Slouch hat, and a pair of gloves. I could swear I heard someone mumbling about that “…crazy Yankee woman….” 😀

  3. Record COLD in North Alabama…single digits overnight for two days! A few power outages in the surrounding counties but none in ours so far, Thank Goodness! I went out in the forecasted sleet/snow Sunday night to see a movie, not many people were out, driving was easy! “Another northener living in the south with no sense!”

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