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Biscotte & Cie The Loopy EweFirst project of 2014, complete!* I’ve always liked knitting socks. When we started The Loopy Ewe, we just had sock yarn! But as we grew our business and our yarn offerings here, I discovered other things that I liked to knit equally well. Things like shawls, scarves, cowls and mitts. (I’m still waiting for the love of sweater knitting to kick in.) Fortunately, many of those other things still use fingering weight yarn, so we continue to have a huge selection of it! But I was curious to see just how many socks I’ve knit lately (not many) and that turned into a tour of my blog and some tallying up of finished projects by year. I came up with this:

2013: 19 projects. Mittens (2 prs), Mitts (2 pr), Cowls (4), Hats (2), Scarves (3), Shawls (3), Baby Sweaters (2), Baby Afghan (1).  (*Sweater half-finished, but I will count that in the year I do finish it. 2014!)

2012: 25 projects, shawls prevailed. Mittens (1 pr), Cowls (2), Hats (1), Socks (3 prs), Scarves (3), Shawls (10), Woven Scarves (5).

2011: 21 projects, cowls prevailed. Mittens (2 prs), Cowls (7), Hats (1), Socks (1 pr), Scarves (4), Shawls (5), Afghan (1).

2010: 18 projects, shawls prevailed. Mitts (1 pr), Cowls (2), Socks (4 pr), Scarves (3), Shawls (5), Baby Sweater (1), Afghan (1), Sweater (1).

2009: 17 projects, socks prevailed. Mitts (5), Socks (6 prs), Scarves (1), Shawls (4), Afghan (1).

I didn’t go back any further than that. But it’s interesting to me that I ended up doing around the same number of projects each year, except 2012, which was a banner year! (Moved our home and shop in 2011, spent a lot of time working on adding in fabric and expanding the shop in 2013. I guess that’s the reason.)

I wonder what I will knit most in 2014? And how many projects I will get done? So far I have two complete and another pair of socks soon to be finished. What about you? What have you knit most in the past? And do you think that will change this year? How many projects do you typically get done? And are you happy with that?

Sheri lookingforwardtoaddingsewingprojectstomytotalsin2014,too

*Biscotte and Cie Felix self-striping yarn. We have another big order in with them, but in the meantime you can find many colors still in stock here, as well as String Theory Colorworks (which is the yarn I’m using for my current pair) and Dessert Vista Dyeworks Viso, both self-striping as well.


  1. Last year I finished 70-something projects, among those 11 hats, 11 pairs of mittens, and 10 shawls. (Summary of 2013 on my blog, here – in Norwegian, but with photos 🙂

    2012 – about 80 projects, and that was apparently the Year of the Hat, with 23 hats, 15 pairs of mittens and 8 sweaters. Summary:

    This year? I have one big project due in February 😉 – and who knows how much knitting time I’ll get later this year, depends on the baby, I guess – keeping my fingers crossed for a sleepy one 😉

  2. Wow Sheri!! I know I’ve been a Loopy fan for a while, but I didn’t realize how productive you really were over the years. 🙂 Nice work – keep it up!
    As for me, I have completed 1 project so far this year – a baby blanket – but I’m in the middle of the next one already. I have another project on the needles from last year that needs to be finished but it goes so slowly!
    I’m also still working on my first sock – I think that’s sitting in a dark corner somewhere in my work area – poor thing. I should really bring it back out…
    Thanks for all the inspiration! 🙂

  3. My projects were not what I expected, either. I thought I’d increased my number of projects over the years, but it has been fairly consistent. Maybe I’ve used more yarn, but I’m not even certain on that. It seems like I knit more now that I used to but maybe I don’t!
    2013: 26 projects – 8 pair socks, 7 shawls, 4 hats, 4 weavings, 2 sweaters, 1 pair mitts
    2012: 25 projects – 7 weavings, 7 shawls, 4 pair socks, 3 sweaters, 2 hats, 1 bag, 1 blanket
    2011: 31 projects – 13 hats (whoa!), 9 shawls, 2 scarves, 2 cowls 2 stuffies/toys, 1 pair mitts, 1 headband, 1 pair socks
    2010: 23 projects – 6 stuffies/toys, 4 hats, 3 shawls, 2 sweaters, 2 cowls, 2 scarves, 1 blanket, 1 pair socks, 1 pair mitts, some dishcloths
    2009: 30 projects: 10 pair mitts, 7 pair socks, 7 hats, 4 scarves, 1 shawl, 1 cowl

  4. I am going to have to see what I knitted in 2013. Am hoping I was as productive as you.
    I have knitted a lot of baby things lately so expect my number to be higher than previous years. Also, I feel I am knitting a bit faster…does that happen?

  5. Hi Sheri,

    Got my first project done with the Wollmeise DK update you did in December. Started a Vodka Lemonade sweater on December 29 and finished January 11. Working on another sweater with the Cascade 220 I bought before Camp Loopy 2013 (but was too busy to make). I think this might be another sweater year. I’ll have to tally the projects up just like you did to see my totals.

  6. I bought a Cricket loom which I have had for one week and I have just taken off my second scarf!! I am in love and see myself adding in a lot of woven projects this year.

  7. I use my Romney Ridge calendar to track my finished projects, each year. So convenient!

    Sheri – you are one accomplished knitter! I am in awe of your totals. But then, I always have known that you were one amazing lady! 🙂

  8. * Wow. I’m in awe of all of you! I haven’t counted my projects for the past years. I have really oy been knitting for about 2-3 yrs now. I know my count for each year will be nowhere near any of yours!!! Since I have been a customer with Loopy Ewe, I have done the challenges and Camps. So on average, my yearly totals will be around 7. If I work my behind off for gifts, add maybe 3-4 extra projects.
    * Socks- I am just starting to really knit these. I am working on a pair for the challenge project (but they are also a gift!). I am having the darndest time with figuring out heels!!! I have had to frog the thing about 5 times. It’s a short row heel. If anyone has any tips and tricks, I would love to read them! I have been reading my books, tips on Pinterest, ravelry. I am still not sure! Or is it something that gets easier to understand as you keep knitting them?!
    * Kudos to all of you knitters!

  9. I completed 18 projects in 2013 including 3 pair of socks, 7 cowls, 2 shawls, a scarf, a capelet, and some mitts and a headband. I looked at my output in previous years and had only 7 projects in 2012 mainly due to changes and deadlines in my personal life. 2011=15; 2010=21; 2009=26(!!!); and 2008=19 (my first full year of knitting). Fascinating. The what and how many numbers parallel what was going on in my life. More calm equals more knitting. But even when I couldn’t knit a lot, what I could do kept me sane. Thanks for nudging me to take a closer look at the past few years.

  10. Just finished a hat for hubs and completed sock #1 of a pair in Biscotti & Cie Felix in the Poisson Clown color way that I bought at TLE the last time I was in Ft. Collins. Last year I finished 3 shawls, a baby hat, a baby blanket, and I still have 3 shawls, a vest and a sweater, aneckerchief

  11. I have completed 3 projects and 2014 — two are UFO’s from 2013 and one was a sweater for my Yorkie.

    Last year most of my knitting was socks — 16 pairs. I also completed 3 Wallaby sweaters and 2 shawls. There were also some miscellaneous projects.

    Most of my knitting — as far back as I have kept track is socks. This has something to do with the fact that I make most of my husband’s socks and all of my winter socks.

  12. Apparently I knit mostly socks (9-12 a year) and sweaters with a few shawls and mitts thrown in. The shawls and mitts have mostly been requests this past year. So far in 2014 I have finished 3 items, all gifts.

  13. I pretty much only knit socks although I’ve knitted a few dishcloths and the odd baby blanket.

    Already this year I’ve done something “new” by adding beads to two pairs of socks and I’m presently working on a third pair also with beads. …what? me? obsessive?…!

  14. Good question, Judee! I want to make a bed-sized quilt, but I also love small quilted table runners and wall hangings, too. I will probably start there.

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