Song of the Sea

Caitlin's Song of the SeaOne of the dangers of Camp Loopy is finding SO many new-to-me patterns that I have to favorite in my Ravelry queue. (Well, it’s a danger and a bright spot!) I don’t think one could ever see all of the beautiful patterns that are available, due to the sheer numbers that are cataloged there. One that I immediately queued when I approved the Camp Photo was the pattern for Song of the Sea. Isn’t it beautiful? This one was done by Caitlin in Rhode Island as her Camp Loopy Project One.

Song of the SeaAfter it was posted, the author of the pattern contacted me and asked if I’d like to offer a 20% discount to any of you who might be interested in making the pattern for yourself. I think it would make a really pretty gift for someone special, although if you’re like me, you’ll probably have a hard time giving this away once it’s done. If you’d like to take advantage of this, just go to the pattern on Ravelry and enter the word SONG when you check out. This discount will be available to you until July 19th. A big thanks to Louise for making this available to us! (And check out her other patterns, too. I really like the “Another Way” pattern, too. I might need to make that one pretty soon as well.)

Song of the Sea CloseupDo you need a few yarn suggestions for this cowl? How about Spud and Chloe Fine, The Loopy Ewe Solid Series, Malabrigo Sock, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Hedgehog Fibres, Dream in Color Smooshy with CashmereCascade Heritage Silk or Fibre Company’s Road to China Light (I know it’s a sportweight, but that just means it will be a slight bit bigger and it will feel AWESOME!).

The pattern comes with directions for making a short version (to tuck inside your coat collar) or a longer version (to loop around your neck a couple of times.) I hope you enjoy making it!

Sheri goingtomakethelongversoininRoadtoChinaLight,Ithink


  1. Thanks for the tip and the discount arrangement with the author. It is a lovely pattern. Already purchased and hope to make as soon as Camp Loopy Project 3 is finished!

  2. Thanks for the information, pattern bought. I have plenty of sock yarn, but also a pretty big stash of Miss Babs Yowza. Do you think this would turn out as a nice project for one of my Yowza skeins, which is light worsted? Thanks.

  3. Ooh, I bet that would make a great skirt…. I bet you could make a cute a-line by leaving out some of the repeats early on.

  4. That’s gorgeous…. My friend and I are on a ‘knitcation’ so will wait to purchase until back in my home with proper firewalls, but have a question. She offers Song of the Sea together with Midnight Ocean. Can we order the two-pattern purchase instead of the single, and still get a discount on part of the price? Her patterns are amazing.

  5. I saw that pic as well and immediately had to buy the pattern to make one… wish I’d known there would be a discount on it! Very fun pattern though, knit up super fast!

  6. Why has this been languishing in my favorites instead of OTN? And now a discount?!? How can a girl say ‘no’?

  7. Thanks to you and the designer! Lovely pattern and will definitely make a great gift! Hope you are feeling better and your leg is healing well! Thanks again.

  8. I love that! I bought the pattern (thanks so much for the discount code) and hae the perfect yarn for it. It’s on the short list.

  9. I have had this in my queue since June. I was thinking about doing the pattern for my second Camp project but decided against it. I just purchased the pattern because i know i will knit it eventually and I am thankful for the discount. Thanks!

  10. I love this! Anything ocean-y is automatic Love for me! I’ve taken advantage of the discount coupon and purchased this pattern. I hope to be able to use it for Camp Loopy project 3, enlarged to a shawl, if the parameters for project 3 are a match!

  11. Thanks for the link for the coupon code! Just bought this and there are some GORGEOUS one’s on Ravelry! Now for my yarn choice…..

  12. Thank you so much Louise and Sheri! I love this pattern and it is now purchased and def on the short list in my queue.

    I love Camp! Unfortunately my fav list grows beyond keeping up. Not a bad thing, right??

  13. awww shoot – I had already purchased and downloaded the pattern this morning before I saw your blog post (dang work gets in the way ) and then I also saw (after the fact) a post on Louise’s board where I just joined her Song of the Sea KAL and yes I will need yarn for it except that I was trying to talk myself into using stash for this KAL since we have CL 3 coming up very soon. However morale of this story is that we all benefit by these wonderful camp loopy exercises so many ways – so thank you Sheri for all your hard work to make this fun and bring all of us together. My local friends and I are having a great time meeting up on occasion and taking pictures of “campfire” knitting sessions. so far we are all still on track to finish CL2 on time and all finished CL 1 on time. Cheers Melody

  14. The minute I saw it, I jumped over to Rav to buy the pattern, and was so excited about it, I forgot to enter the discount code!! Oh well, it’s worth full price!

  15. Hi, I just purchased the Song of the Sea Pattern. I opted to buy the eBook with on additional pattern. I paid through PayPal and there was no opportunity to enter the code “Song”. I can email you a copy of the receipt of you need it. Let me know how I can access the discount for the cowl yarn. Thanks!

  16. It is lovely. I live next to the sea and the patterning reminds me of the flow of the ocean. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Thanks for the link and the discount code, this is beautiful!! I did buy the pattern, and found a place to enter my code however I did not get a discount. That’s ok I still love the pattern and think I may make one for my good friend (or maybe make one for her and keep it lol)

  18. Done! I had just queued this sometime last week. And the coupon code worked on the ebook so I have Midnight Ocean as well.

  19. On using the code: When you choose to add the pattern to your basket or buy now, there is a button at the bottom right of the basket labeled “use coupon code.” Press it and a box pops up for the coupon code.

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