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SONY DSCI have no babies to knit for in my life at the moment, but I keep coming across the cutest little baby sweaters and finally had to knit a couple of them up. (And … I have a couple more on my list, too.) The first one is the Monarch Butterfly pattern, knit up in Madelinetosh Vintage in the Scarlet color. I made the 12 month size, just because that’s a good size to keep on display here at Loopy. The pattern went together very quickly (as is the case with tiny little sweaters!). The only change I would make is that I would delete the lace repeat that is right in the underarm area and would just do stockinette there the next time. See how the pattern kind of pooches out on that right side of the photo? That’s because there is a lace repeat right under the arm. Other than that, it was a great pattern to knit and would look pretty in any worsted weight yarn.

SONY DSCThe second one I knit up is the Yoked Cardigan, which I knit in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in the Blackberry Colorway. I made the 12 month size in this, too. Every time I knit with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted, I remember how much I love it. So soft, such great color distribution, and easy care (which is especially important for kids knits.) I know the sleeves look a little longer on my version. I think it’s because I had it on a funny little mini-mannequin and you need a real baby with real shoulders to fill that out correctly!

Next up, I have two boy patterns picked out to work on. And maybe a cute little girl dress, too. I can’t seem to finish an adult-sized sweater, but I’m right on top of the baby ones. Have you made a baby sweater before? What are some of your favorite baby patterns?

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  1. For friends I have made the Seamless Kimono sweater by Carina Spencer multiple times. All love how easy it is to get on and take off their kids. Also a really quick knit.

  2. I recently knit Demne and thought it was an excellent pattern with a very cute result. It would suit either gender and looks best,I think, in a semisolid hand dye. The designer has really thought through the details, making it a pleasure to knit – some interesting features to keep the knitter’s interest, but also some nice straightforward knitting to relax with!

  3. I had never knit an article of clothing but when I became pregnant with my second baby I was determined to knit him a going-home outfit. So I took the plunge with “Puerperium” and loved it so much I made a second for a friend! Soon after, I tried “In Threes” and LOVED the result! Both were very easy, and very quick knits – I would highly recommend both!

  4. My sister wishes you would change the subject. Every time I get exposed to cute little baby knits, I start looking around for victims…um, ooops, pregnant women!

    These are cute…and the booties to go with them???

  5. There is also a “baby knitting KAL” group on Ravelry that chooses a boy’s, a girl’s and toy pattern each month. I have been following them (but haven’t really knit anything since I am doing Camp Loopy now…)

  6. EZ’s Baby Surprise is a favorite, as s the baby sweater in the February section of EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac.

  7. I’ve made the Yoked Cardigan – love it. So cute. Also made Chloe by Alana Dakos – again, adorable!! Most recently I made Knitbot’s Cradle Cardigan. All were gifts for friends – my babies are all grown up now (well . . . almost!)

  8. Working on one right now – my first – Garter Yoke Baby Cardi – Jennifer Hoel – got it on Ravelry. So enjoying it!!!!

  9. Thank You, Sheri! Am really looking forward to “meeting” the Baby Girl this is for, in another month or so. Have been even more conscious of doing up fun baby knits (for Victims all over the place, heehee, Leslie F : ) since your query about what we knit most, and baby stuff won out for me.

    The “In Threes” is a Great pattern, did that one up before in only a day, also in tosh vintage, with ladybug buttons:

    Everyone _should try a “Baby Surprise” once in their knitting life, but I’m yet to be moved to try a second! But a friend does them all the time, so, you never know…

    Going to go sign up for that KAL group—

  10. I’ve been doing baby sweaters galore for the past three or four years. The Baby Surprise is wonderful– I’ve made 18, and each one ends up being unique, with the choice of yarn and buttons making them one of a kind. I have made several Carina Spencer Gift Wrap Sweaters and Rompers– the design of them and her directions make for adorable and well-fitting garments that delight new mothers. Cottage Creations’ Lillie Sweater is nicely constructed and has been fun to knit and give several times, too. I have done many others, but would say that these are my current favorites. We are so fortunate to have so many talented designers and beautiful yarns to choose from and work with!

  11. I am working on a baby cardigan right now- along with my Camp project! I am having the darndest time with the sleeves!!! I am knitting them in the round after attaching them to the underarms by picking up the stitches. But I seem to be dropping stitches off my double points and things are looking kinda wonky. If anyone has any helpful tips, I would love to hear them! I am getting very frustrated! :). I think it needs to go into a timeout, but it’s a gift and I need to get it done. :(.

  12. My favorite way to knit the Baby Surprise is with two coordinating variegated yarns – subtle stripes!

  13. Baby clothes are so sweet and fast to knit. I made a pair of socks for a friend’s baby and wanted to make more because they were so cute. Maybe the next baby in the family will get a sweater.

  14. I have made several baby surprise jackets. They are quick, easy and you can be creative with them or not.

  15. I saw these sweaters in person and they are the sweetest sweaters ever. I have no babies to knit for either but I can appreciate a beautifully knitted sweater. Fantastic job, great colors.

  16. I’ve made a few Tulips by Dream in Color and love them but have made 52! Wallaby sweaters. My friends put them on their babies starting around 8 months and some have used them until the tyke was 3 years old.

  17. I’m 37 weeks pregnant, and have a Tiny Rocky Coast in progress, and have recently finished a Little Oak, Korrigan, Sock Yarn Sweater, Little Coffee Bean(2), and a Baby/Child Sophisticate. After I get her coming home hat/booties done (to match Korrigan which will be her coming home sweater) I’m going to cast on Clara in dress form.

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