Summer Inside and Out!

Summer Display The Loopy EweI loved all of your comments about how you keep track of projects and yarn that you would like to work on soon. I do think it’s helpful to keep three different lists. 1) Patterns I need to find yarn for. 2) Yarn I need to find patterns for. 3) Projects that have yarn and pattern and I need to knit soon! Ravelry queues are a great option for keeping track in a format that is easy to pull up on a phone if you’re out shopping. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject!

It’s definitely summertime here, inside and out! We’ve put up some summer displays and are contemplating projects with cotton (like the Cascade Ultra Pima DK shown here in the baskets) and linen (like the new Shibui Linen that arrived a couple of weeks ago.) So many tempting possibilities.

It’s summertime outside, too! I’ll leave you with some summery photos that my hubby took. (Look at all of the pollen on that bee. What a job he has to do!)






Sheri finishedCampProjectOnelastnight,nowimpatientlywaitingforJuly!Howaboutyou?


  1. I answered on Facebook regarding what lines we’d like to see you stock in the future that something with linen would be great. Now I see you have a linen yarn. I asked since linen isn’t listed as a choice under “Fiber Material” under “Shop” from the homepage of your website. Are there any others that might have linen and another fiber that you already stock? Thanks!

  2. Gemini and Flaming June work up great in the ultra Pima and I would love to try Daisy in the linen.

  3. Did that take one skein of Juliespins Silky? That pattern is in my queue. I think it may have just moved up in priority!!!

  4. Beautiful flowers!!!!! Those yarn colors are very bright and pretty! What is the shawl pattern on display? Soooo great! I keep everything I want to remember in my Ravelry library! My library keeps growing and growing!! I didn’t get a chance to answer on Monday’s post. I am almost done with camp project 1! Just a few more days, I think!

  5. I’m a fan of linen yarn also, and the Shibui linen is on my list to try. I am swatching cotton supreme (in Bouquet splash) for camp–one thing about not being allowed to start yet, it sure makes it easier to find the discipline to swatch!!! Anyway, I love this yarn so far. It is soooo soft. Still cranking out my project 1 socks also.

  6. Great pictures! I’m still knitting away on Camp One. And ready to start Camp Two. Which reminds me, need to snag the yarn before it goes on the truck….

  7. Looking forward to the start of camp project #2! Those bee pictures are great – I just got three hives this spring and I love watching them, they are really amazing little creatures.

  8. I finished my Camp one project yesterday over my lunch break. I’ve got another couple of small items I’m trying to finish up before starting the next project on July 1!

  9. So that bee is a girl – and she has a huge job collecting pollen as the primary protein source for all the larval bees in the hive and for royal jelly to feed the queen. Nearly all the bees in a hive a female – and ALL of the bees that do any work are female.

  10. My Camp Loopy Project #1 is finished and on the blocking board to be removed today. Project #2 yarn (Loopy Solid and Loopy Cakes) have arrived and are begging to be knitted. Can’t wait!

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