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Rav Meme from The Loopy EweI don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of Camp Loopy is seeing all of the cool patterns that everyone links to and knits up. My list of Favorites grows and grows all summer long, ensuring that I have plenty of good patterns to choose from in the Fall and Winter. There are so many patterns on Ravelry that it’s impossible to ever go through them all. And of course I never just add one at at time. One leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to another, and on and on it goes.

Knitting Baskets The Loopy EweDo you use the queue feature on Ravelry for keeping track of what you will make next?Β I don’t think to use the queue. But I do keep a running list in my knitting notebook, that lists yarns I want to use soon, and patterns I want to make soon. I also keep “soon to use” yarns in the baskets on the wall in my office. Although, honestly? It’s look a little overfull at the moment, don’t you think? I find that keeping patterns/yarn visible makes me more focused on getting the current project done, so that I can be on to the next one. (My baskets came from here and my KNIT sign came from here.)

How do you keep track of the next few projects you will be working on? Or do you just pick one at a time and not keep a list? How do you keep track of what yarn you will use soon? Do you have any organizing or planning tips that you use for your knitting? Share with us some of the things that work for you!

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P.S. No Monday Update tonight, since we’re still working our way through all of your Camp Loopy Project Two orders. Remember, Camp Store Week for Project Two ends tomorrow evening, so be sure to make your final decisions and get your order in. July 1st will be here before you know it!


  1. I never know what I’ll knit next! I’m impulsive like that. I always have several things on the needles…..plain socks, shawl, lace scarf, fancy socks. When one is done I cast on another. I don’t knit adult sized sweaters (patterns don’t go up to my size) but I will knit children’s things from time to time.

  2. I have a whiteboard in my fiber room where I list the current WIPs I want to get done and then 5 new patterns with the yarn and which cubby it is in.

  3. I had not used the queue feature on Ravelry until a couple of days ago. I do however, use the “favorites”. I also have binders full of patterns in my craft room. One can never have too many. Looking forward to July 1st. I suddenly decided that more yarn might come in handy just in case I change my mind on what pattern to knit! Yup, that happened with Project 1 and it may happen again with Project 2.

  4. Hannah – I do the same thing with yarn, just in case. You never know when you might change your mind and need (NEED!) something else!

    Terri – love the whiteboard idea. Or a chalkboard would be fun, too.

  5. I keep track of things I would like to knit in favorites (although sometimes there are multiples- like I might put 2 or 3 choices in then choose the one). Things go in my queue when they have yarn associated with them.

  6. I am a ‘queue’ believer! I actively use that to organize patterns/projects I want to do sooner and make notes when I’ve bought yarn specifically for the project, who it’s for, etc. I have yarn bins, some for particular brands, but one just for projects for my daughter, and one ‘new yarn’ bin until I decide where it’s going to live. I never used the favorites, but from the beginning used the queue. My knitting buddy is the exact opposite. Doesn’t matter what you do, only that it works for you.

  7. I use the queue feature religiously. I also use it to pair up yarns that I own with patterns that I love . . .and I have tabs in my queue to remind me that there are even a few patterns that I need to buy yarn for. . .I have tags and tabs, too, so I can narrow down my search results if I’m looking for a specific type of project, like socks or a shawl or a sweater/cardigan. I also use the queue that others have to find patterns to send as gifts. It’s fun to see what they have queued up or even on their wishlist and send them a pattern just because πŸ™‚ I rarely use the favorites, though I am doing that a bit more so that I can keep my queue manageable. It totally works for me . . .but not everyone. Your basket idea is much prettier than my Ravelry list πŸ™‚

  8. I keep a queue on Ravelry although I don’t use it like a queue but more like a favorite list. Right now I just start a project and another project and another until I have so many that I have to start finishing some before I start another. I think about what I am going to make quite a bit before I make anything, usually because I am trying to find the right yarn for the pattern or the right yarn for the patter. When there is a match I am happy….then I start looking for the next match up! LOL!!! Knitting does keep me busy!

  9. I use the queue on Ravelry. I have the first 20 projects’ yarn caked. I move up patterns when I put them with yarn. Right now I have 211 projects with yarn. πŸ™‚

  10. I use Ravelry’s queue feature when I buy/have yarn for a specific pattern that I MUST make. I use the favorites feature when I find a pattern that I like but haven’t found the right yarn.

  11. I’ve started to use it more often recently. Projects from magazines or books I own go in there a lot, as I find I don’t use the resources available to me when I can pay $6 for a brand new pdf. When I see something I MUST knit it goes right in there.

    Another thing I use it for is repurposing yarn from another project. There is one sweater’s worth of Socrates that has been two sweaters so far, but hasn’t managed to make me love the finished product (I never wore either garment!). As the yarn was rather expensive and is a really lovely color I am on the lookout for the next pattern it will be made into. And if anyone is wondering, it’s been a period of about 7 years since I started the first garment with it, a pas de valse.

  12. I did this once. Found the patterns, ordered the yarn. When they came, I put them in plastic bags so I could pick which one I wanted to do next. They are still there. It’s been at least 2 years, if not longer!

  13. Yes, white board for me. Necessary for work and for the knitting wishlist. I like the Ravelry Queue, but like the binder option, I find it can be overwhelming. It just gets to be way too much inpu.

    I’ve actually gone the opposite direction now and put object before pattern. So, I look for what I really want to wear or what present I want to make. I find the Challenges here really useful for that. I needed a hat when I was in the USA — and hey presto! Motivation. Wore it straight away. I need some slippy camisole thingies, so the Camp Loopy One is making that possible. For Camp Project II, I realised I needed a new cardigan — so thanks for enabling that project too. *waving* Melissa

  14. I just start it and stick it in a project bag. I’m only kind of kidding! Needless to say, I have a gazillion projects going at once.

  15. I use the Queue feature in Ravelry. I don’t usually queue socks, but start them whenever I want to. I usually have a sock project OTN. I have a fairly large stash, and will start projects that aren’t queued.

    Sometimes I have yarn I want to use next, but no system for that.

    So, I’m not that well organized, but working on it. There will always be room for inspiration and spontaneity.

  16. I use the Ravelry queue. Any KAL’s I will be doing I put at the front of the queue, otherwise I use a random number generator to pick what I cast on next. Mind you I have way too many projects on the needles just now so I will be concentrating on trying to cut back for the next couple of months.

  17. I keep a big basket of all my “favorite” yarns in my living room. I have to long term WIPs (A sweater for my dad and Color Affection), otherwise, I only allow myself one “active” project at a time. When I finish the current project I either pick a yarn out of the basket and hunt for a pattern to go with it or find a pattern that I want to tackle on Ravelry and hunt for the right yarn. It just depends on what inspires me that day.

  18. I do use the Ravely Library, Favorites and Queue to save patterns. I put as much info in as I have at the time I save the pattern. When I order yarn for a specific purpose, I log it on myIPAD in my Notes App, so I remember what yarn goes with a specific pattern. That is assuming I KNOW the purpose of the yarn when I order it and that I am not ordering our of pure and simple love of the yarn πŸ™‚ When I do that, that yarn eventually tells me what it wants to become πŸ˜‰

  19. I tend to use Pinterest instead of the Ravelry queue – I have loads of different boards on Pinterest (shawls, kid sweaters, hats, cowls and and and…) so if I want to knit, say, a shawl, my Pinterest shawl board is where I look first. πŸ™‚

  20. I put everything in the “favorite” list. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a good job of putting tags on everything so someday have to go back and put better tags on all of them to make everything easier to find. When I decide I want to make something, such as baby socks, I go back and look at all that I put in there (which is really kind of a wish list) and look more carefully, which tends to narrow the field down.

  21. I use the Queue feature and I also use the “organization” button plus tags to make separate tabs. I have a tab for things I want to make for Christmas (for the years I’ve mostly knit for people), a tab for socks I want to make, a tab for shawls, a tab for…well, everything! (

    To keep track of the things I have yarn for, I use the tag “ready”. For the things I want to make soon, I put them on the top of the queue. I find it quite helpful!

  22. I use the favorites in Rav, but the queue isn’t good for me. I change my mind too quickly so I’d spend all the time rearranging the order. My stash is about 75% on Ravelry, though. I find it is helpful while (impulse) shopping away from home to make sure I don’t buy another 800yds of a similar color for the same sweater I purchased for the last impulse trip, or a near identical skein of sock yarn.

  23. I queue EVERYTHING I might REMOTELY want to knit. If I have the yarn for something, I’ll tag it as have-yarn, since I’m not organized enough to have all my stash up on Ravelry (if I do have that yarn, I’ll attach it that way, with the “I’ll use” feature). My queue is not in much of an order; I might bump up a lot of things I’m deciding on, or if I’m going on a shopping trip, things I’m looking for yarn for will be at the top so that I can pull them up (cache them) easily through Ravulous…or print them out. Hooray for run-on sentences!

  24. I try to keep the queue down to what I really do plan on knitting fairly soon. This only sort of works. For favorites, I try to tag them with both the type of knitting (hat, socks, sweater) and the yarn weight. That way, I can click the “fingering” tag and find all the patterns for which I could use sock yarn when I come home from my lys with another skein and no idea what I’ll do with it!

  25. Wow you ladies all sound so organized lol I have a hard time focusing my efforts. When I participated in Camp Loopy last year, I was thrilled with the progress it yielded. Being held accountable in our Loopy Groups was pretty powerful too. This year, I couldn’t participate but I should get back into charting my progress via Ravelry more regularly. Good luck to everyone πŸ™‚

  26. I will take the Wollmeise and the beautiful colorful yarn in the top right basket off your hands if you wand to thin out your project bins!!! πŸ˜‰

  27. I use Favorites sometimes, but for the most part, if I’m truly interested in something, I’ll create a bookmark project to remind me of my plans.

  28. Before Ravelry (BR? new era ; ) I used to keep a written notebook of all my yarn and approximate amounts of each. When the “perfect pattern” surfaced, I’d write the name down next to the matched yarn. Since Ravelry started (AR, anno Ravelry? heehee) I’ve found I have not kept up with written list, but have not really utilized the queue or stash features, either…But I sure Love the project pages, entering each as I begin even Thinking of a new one!

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