Little Loopy Travels Near and Far

The fun thing about having a Little Loopy is that you can take him with you on vacation. He loves going on vacation. (And we’re all jealous that he gets to go, but that’s another story.)

First, he got to go to Portland with Loopy Groupie Ann for a trip to the NW Animation Fest.


His favorite mode of transportation was Ann’s Knitting Bag.

Knitting Bag

He likes to read quite a bit, so he was happy that a trip to Powell’s Bookstore was on the agenda.


And of course he LOVES doughnuts, so a stop at VooDoo Doughnuts was a must.


He did embarrass them slightly by trying to copy a statue at the Portland Museum of Art. (Jeesh.)


Thankfully, it was soon time to head home (before he pulled another wacky stunt). They even let him start his own sock project on the way home. He had a great time in Portland with Ann and her family!


Loopy was home for two weeks and then it was off on his next adventure. This time he accompanied Loopy Elf Wendy and her family to Bora Bora. After the multitude of exciting things he got to do in Portland, he was ready for a little rest and relaxation.

He fell asleep on this deck chair and woke up three hours later all sunburned. Someone needs to remind him to use sunscreen.


The next day he climbed a tree and stayed in the shade instead. Shade or sun, we think it looks like he was really enjoying himself.


One exciting activity that he particularly enjoyed was snorkeling (although he kept getting water in his mask and making everyone stop to help him re-adjust.)


He wants this to be his 2013 Christmas photo. No one could figure out how to open up the coconut.


But of course Loopy worked at it until he got it open and then he shared it with everyone else. It was the least he could do after they invited him along on their trip beautiful Bora Bora.


If you go on vacation this summer and take Little Loopy along (or if you just want to show him your hometown), be sure to send us pictures. We’d love to share them on the blog! You can see some of Loopy’s past adventures in our photo galleries here and here.

Sheri surewishingIcouldtagalongwithLoopyonthesefunadventures

P.S. No Monday Update next week, since we’re still working on getting all of your Camp Loopy Project Two orders packed up and shipped off. But we’ll be back with another Monday Update on June 24th!



  1. You are going 2 weeks without a Monday update? Next Monday is the 17th, there there is the 24th before July 1st. Just wondering . . .

  2. Oh my! I am jealous of Loopy’s latest adventures! I think I need to adopt a Loopy since he seems to have a lot of travel and love in his life!!!

  3. I LOVE Loopy’s travel posts!!!! The picture of him on the deck chair with THE SUNGLASES is the best one.LOL LOL LOL!!! Please keep on telling us his adventures. Is he doing Camp Loopy?

  4. He’s been great help here with the packing. Bet he’ll be great with the painting and unpacking too!

  5. I obviously need to get a little Loopy of my own. My dh and I are planning a trip this fall to celebrate our 25th anniversary. At this point a trip to Pfaffenhofen is in the plans. Love to visit the Wollmeise store! Hopefully Little Loopy would too!

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