Camp Loopy Project Two

I know we’re just halfway through working on Project One, but it’s time to get yarn ordered for the next project so we can get these shipped off to you in time to start on July 1! It’s ok if you didn’t get in on Month One. Just jump in and join us for Month Two! Remember – this is a virtual camp. No travel required. Just lots of fun and getting projects done.

ChallengeMonthTwoProject Two: needs to be knit or crocheted between 7/1 and 7/31 (with a photo of the completed project uploaded to our Project One Photo Gallery by 8/1).

The Challenge for Project Two – Has there been a popular pattern that passed you by? This challenge is to knit a pattern that has been popular with other knitters, that you haven’t knit before. The project needs to have at least 1000 projects listed (or 1000 queued up) on Ravelry, and it needs to use at least 500 yards, single stranded. For those who might not be on Ravelry, I have linked to lots of options below for you. Most of the patterns I linked to use between 500 and 1000 yards. Of course there are other popular pattern options that use more yardage and you’re also free to use those as well.

BenefitsThe benefits:

1. If you need to purchase yarn for your project, we are offering a 20% Camp Loopy discount for the yarn during a designated “Camp Loopy Store Week” each month. The discount for Project Two is valid for one project’s worth of yarn purchased during Camp Store Week Two (June 12-18), in one order. To get the discount, you will need to leave us an order note on the order, telling us which yarn will be used for your Camp Project. We’ll apply the discount when your order comes through to us. If you’re going for free shipping in the U.S., please make sure that your discount won’t take you below the $75 level, or the website will add the shipping charge back in after we do the discount.

2.  If you have your photo uploaded to the Camp Loopy 2013 Project Two Photo Gallery by the deadline, you’ll be eligible to win one of our Loopy Gift Certificates for that month. We’ll be having the blog readers vote for the Reader’s Choice Award each month, and we’ll also be using the random generator to pick a few more winners for Loopy Gift Certificates as well from each month’s gallery!

3.  If you choose to do all three projects with us (photos uploaded by the deadlines and yarn for each project purchased during Camp Store Week or later for that project) we will also be awarding you a special skein of fingering weight yarn, in an exclusive Camp Loopy Colorway. (We will have 3 different exclusive Camp colors for you to choose from, so that you can pick your favorite.) This luscious skein will be perfect for socks, shawls, scarves, cowls, or mitts. We love this yarn base, and I know you will love it, too.

So if you participate in all three months of Camp and follow the guidelines, you’ll get 3 projects done at a discount, you’ll no doubt earn one or more Frequent Shopper Bonuses and maybe some extra things through our Loopy Rewards Program, and you’ll get a special skein of exclusively dyed fingering weight yarn for yet another project. 

FAQ'sFrequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we participate with weaving instead of knitting or crochet? 
A. For Camp Loopy, we’re sticking with knitting or crochet.

Q. I didn’t get to order during Camp Store Week, but if I order my project yarn later in that same month and complete the project by the deadline, does that still count, even though I know I don’t get the Camp Loopy discount? 
A. Yes!  Make sure that you add a “Camp Loopy” note to your order, so that we know you’re participating. You’ll still be eligible for the project drawings and prizes for that month, and if you finish all three projects by the deadlines, you’ll still get the bonus – a free skein of that luscious yarn, exclusively dyed.

Q. I want to participate using yarn from my stash. Does that still count? 
A. You are welcome to participate and knit from stash and upload it to the gallery, as long as it’s yarn that we carry at The Loopy Ewe. (We always require projects in our Photo Galleries to be from yarn that we carry at TLE.) You will still be eligible for drawings and prizes for the month, but you won’t be eligible for the free yarn at the end.

Q. When you say to knit the project between 7/1 and 7/31, when EXACTLY does the timing start? 
A. You can start at 12:01 am your time on 7/1 if you’d like, although a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast might be a better idea. The project needs to be done by 11:59 pm on 7/31, your time. The photos need to be uploaded by 11:59 pm OUR time (Mountain Time) on 8/1.

Q. When you specify yardage in a project, can I use up the yardage by knitting double stranded? So if you say we must use 500 yards, can I do a 250 yard project, holding the yarn double? That would use 500 yards. 
A. No. No doubling the yarn to get the yardage. If you’d like to knit something double stranded, you’ll need to use 1000 yards so that you end up with a 500 yard project when it’s done.

Q. How do I know if I’m on track for the free yarn bonus, and when will I get it? 
A. If you purchased your project yarn during Camp Store Week (or later that same project month) and uploaded your photo by the deadline, then you are on track. Once Camp is over and the yarn is ready, we’ll send you a notice to let you choose your camp colorway. You will have the option of having your bonus yarn added in the box with your next order from us, or you can choose to have it sent to you right away on its own and we’ll just add a shipping charge to that.

Q. Why do we have to purchase the yarn during Camp Store Week each month, if we want the bonus? 
A. Two reasons. One – it costs us money to fund this (the contests, the free yarn at the end, etc.) and your purchases help us to be able to afford to do this. Two – it helps us to guarantee that everyone is knitting for the project during the designated time and not simply pulling a finished (or half finished) project out of their pile and saying they did it “for camp”. It keeps an even playing field for all of the people earning the bonuses.

RavGroupsIn addition to getting projects done along with discounts and free yarn rewards, another part of the fun is talking to fellow campers on the Loopy Groupie Board on Ravelry. We will set up chat groups each month during Camp, based on a different criteria each time. For the second month, we’re dividing you into Treehouse Groups, based on where you will be staying on your hike (virtually, of course). Look for the Treehouse number on your Camp Loopy order form. If you’re knitting your camp project from stash, feel free to choose one of the groups on your own, or email us and we’re happy to assign a group to you. The Treehouse threads will be set up on Ravelry just prior to July 1. Jump into the discussion and share which project you’re going to make and what yarn you’re using, then report on your progress during the month. You’ll make new friends each month, because we’ll have another way to group you for the next month! (Not on Ravelry? No worries. Participating in the groups is not required. We just add those in for extra fun.)

ProjectsPossible pattern ideas for Project Two: Keep in mind some of these patterns offer multiple sizes, and only the larger sizes will qualify for the minimum yardage requirements for Project Two. Hitchhiker, Haruni, Ishbel, Daybreak, Owls, Lintilla, Traveling Woman, Hemlock Ring Blanket, Boneyard Shawl, February Lady Sweater, Clapotis, Color Affection, Featherweight Cardigan, Shetland Triangle Lace Shawl, Pinwheel Baby Blanket, Stripe Study Shawl, Rockefeller, Mara Shawl, Chevron Scarf, Rock Island, Aeolian Shawl, Northern Lights, Citron Grand (a larger sized Citron, which has 10,000+ projects), Laminaria, Spectra, Big Herringbone Cowl, Hey Teach, Kiri, Stockholm Scarf, Guernsey Wrap, Juliet, Rusted Root, Cladonia, Whippoorwill, Catkin, Tempest, etc.

Have fun figuring our your next project. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll be doing!

Sheri noideawhatI’mdoingyet,buthappilyponderingmychoices


  1. Oh yay! I’m in for a hitchhiker which I have wanted to make for ages. I just scored a mini maiden in aurora for it too. Now I really gotta hurry up and finish my project 1 project!

  2. Gosh, Sheri, just finished my Color Affection. I was looking at my huge queue and came up with Leftie and Aestlight as well. This is a fun challenge.

  3. I am assuming there is no specification regarding yarn weight, since that wasn’t included.Please let me know if I’m wrong. Thanks! Can’t wait to do this one. Camp Loopy month 1 was so much fun!

  4. Squeee!!! This totally made my day!! I just placed my order and I’m planning to make a Hitchhiker. This is a real challenge for me as I tend to buck trends and not knit the “super-popular” patterns. There were a number of sweaters that I was thinking of making, but the idea of having a worsted-weight sweater in my lap in July made me cringe.
    Even better: my next order (for project #3… if I can wait that long…) will put me in Cotton Club *and* Loopy Groupie! Wooohooo!

  5. Oh my. Fun, fun. Except I just placed an order and could’ve grouped it all together! Bummer. Oh well- just one more fun box from Loopy to get in the mail!!! Thanks Sheri!

  6. OK, while purging and sorting, I know I have found at least 8 of those patterns. Stash diving will have to wait until after I’ve moved, though I do have thoughts on both pattern AND yarn already. 😀

    Now, off to look at the patterns I DON’T have. Because, you know, there might be a better one. 😉

  7. I was recently gifted Traveling Woman. I’ve been hoping it would qualify…yippee!!
    Now to select my yarn…decisions, decisions.

  8. How cool — I always loved sitting in treehouses and reading when I was young. Sitting in a treehouse and knitting sounds just perfect.

  9. Hi, I would really like to make Brickless, but it currently only has a total of 974 queued and projects. At which point does the pattern have to have a 1000? Today, 7/1 or 7/31? Thanks so much!

  10. Hi, I would really like to make Brickless. It currently has a total of 974 queued and projects. At which point does the pattern need to have a 1000, today, 7/1 or 7/31? Thanks so much

  11. I’m interested in knitting Northern Lights but have no idea how much yarn or what brand to use. Can you help me? Thanks a lot.

  12. Sheri, This is the strangest thing… you read my mind on this project!! I was seriously thinking about emailing you and suggesting a project that will get me to go through my faves on Rav and pick one that has been there forever.
    Thank you! 😉

  13. Project picked (Wandering the Moor) yarn ordered Tosh Pashmina in Dusk, so now I can sit on Mt. Loopious, sipping my margaritas until July 1 to await the start of the second project! Will my tree house have an escalator? I’m not fond of rope ladders. 😉

  14. Ordered some Dream in Color Smooshy for Stephen West’s Daybreak. Did one of his patterns for last year’s Camp Loopy. Looking forward very much to this next project. In an ideal world would do one of Martina Behm”s patterns in Woolmeise – a multicolor but not available during Camp Week. Just imagine how much Woolmeise Sherri would have to have in the shop to do that!

  15. I thought this was going to be a real challenge for me, since I also tend to buck the trend and not knit/watch/read something if it’s too popular. But fortunately a bunch of my queued projects had more than 1000 queued! Being able to sort by “number queued” in Ravelry really helped! I was torn between the Stockholm Scarf and Ophelia, but decided to go with Ophelia since it’s summer and I’ve never knit with 100% cotton worsted! Now to finish project 1……

  16. Hey Sheri – I’ve been wanting to make a knit Swirl sweater/coat, most likely a Sheer Beauty ( They are all variations on Sandra McIver’s swirl concept, but each one only has 100 – 300 projects because they are really a project. In total, all the swirl sweaters have 1000 projects though. Would this qualify for Camp Loopy 2? Thanks!

  17. Yeah, I think I’ll have to bow out of the Camp; the Black Forest fire is throwing a wrench into my knitting aspirations. Too nervous to knit on the first project, so I probably won’t have time to finish it. 🙁

  18. I have already ordered yarn to knit the Guernsey Wrap so my question is kind of moot. But….could one knit something like the Baby Surprise Jacket (not quite enough yards) with the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap (taking the yardage over 500)? Oh aren’t we an artful bunch? Thinking of all the ways to get to the required yardage while knitting what pleases us.

  19. I just printed out the pinwheel baby blanket pattern this morning so I could make one for my friend’s new baby! Perfect timing!

  20. I started a clapotis a L-O-N-G time ago as a new knitter but never finished it and eventually frogged it because I didn’t like the yarn and couldn’t really figure out the pattern. Could I try again with new yarn (and lots more experience) and it still count for camp?

  21. Great project idea, Sheri! I love it! Got my lovely Pashmina yarn today. Now to settle on a pattern. Thank you for making this so much fun!

  22. I want to make the Tempest Cardigan. Since it’s a garment, I really, really need to swatch. Does swatching count as “starting” or can I swatch before 7/1. Is it considered “training” or preparation, like in the Knitting Olympics? (Ooops, I mean Ravellenic Games).

  23. I think I’ve changed my mind on the pattern. The yarn is darker than I expected so I think Trousseau will work better. It was gifted to me for my birthday. 🙂

  24. I have started on CL2 project Oaklet Shawl and goodness as a newbie to knitting this business of casting on 9 and increasing 4stitches per row is easy but will I ever get to 233 stitches? That is just the body which I extend to increase so that it qualifies stitch wise before adding border! Trout I would need to order different thread than the one I ordered but in rethinking that I am using original thread. It was correct weight and had plants to increase stitches.

    Just seems like it will never be a shawl! But I’ve just begun so we will see! As soon as big enough to photograph will post it on my blog!

    Betty aka CajunBear

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