Socktopus, Dream in Color, Seasonings Series, and More!

Triton The Loopy EweHappy Monday! (It’s always a Happy Monday for me by the time the Update gets here. Isn’t that the best part of most Mondays?) We have added in lots of pretty yarn today. Just up, you’ll find:

Socktopus Sokkusu – It’s back! You may have heard that Alice recently sold her Socktopus company. She was contemplating moving it to Hong Kong (where she now lives), but instead decided to sell it to Ling back in London. The great thing is that Ling is the one who has been dyeing up the Socktopus yarn for Alice for the past 18 months anyway. So you get the same great Sokkusu base and the same beautiful dyeing from Ling, who has kept the business in London. We’re glad to have it back in stock again. This is the first part of our order. We’ll have more again later this summer. (Shown here in Triton.)

Dream in Color Classy – We didn’t realize how low we were on Classy colors until we went to place an order and had to order more of just about everything! So now we have a good supply in stock. This is great sweater yarn for adults as well as kid clothes. (It also makes very pretty baby blankets). Dream in Color’s special dye technique prevents striping or pooling, so you get overall beautiful color.

Colorado Sunset The Loopy EweThe Loopy Ewe Seasonings Series – More new colorways to add to our Seasonings line! (We’ve even names some of these new colors after the mountain groups we having going for Project One of Camp Loopy). The Seasonings Series comes with a main skein (430 yards) and a mini “seasoning” skein (100 yards). It’s perfect if you want to make socks with contrasting heels and toes, or cute little baby sweaters with contrasting cuffs and button bands, or shawls with contrasting edges.(Check out Lalaknit’s free Julia Grace pattern on my blog. She used the Silver Linings color way. (Shown here in Colorado Sunset.)

Camp Loopy Water Bottle The Loopy EweCamp Loopy Water Bottles – A 22 oz. bottle that is BPA-free and has a screw-on lid so you don’t risk any spills. Perfect for camping or just hanging out at home and knitting. Plus, I love the happy apple green color, don’t you?

Have fun checking out the new things. It’s always fun to come in the next day to print your orders and see what struck your fancy. Of course you always have excellent taste in yarn. 😉 We’ll get your Boxes of Fun shipped out to you right away!

Sheri pickedoutaColoradoSunsetformyself.Lovingthatcolorcombo.


  1. gotta love the water bottle – love the cup from last year! Ordered a big tshirt (you were out of my size anyway) to use as a sleep shirt! Now if you would jsut get the pattern holders in green too…..

  2. Got the water bottle and the yarn of Mt. Kaytwopeatwo! I was tempted by the other Mt.’s colors as well!

  3. Not to rush you, Sheri, but payday is Friday and I am ready to pick project 2 yarn. Any hints on what to buy for the next camp assignment?

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