Off to TNNA Market

I’m off at The National Needlework Association’s Market this weekend, checking out all kinds of new things to add to the shop for you! While I’m gone, the Elves are keeping the shop running and getting your orders out. We already have several new lines scheduled to arrive in the next 2-3 months, but of course I’m still shopping for more. 🙂 One of the new lines that will be here in a couple of weeks is pictured below. Any guesses as to what yarn that is?


I used it for socks and I like the way it feels when knitting (and wearing). I know you’ll like this line, too.  And I’ll let you know what else I find this weekend for us!

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  1. Hey – you’re just down the road from me! Have a nice visit! I do wish there was a way for us plebes to see the show…

  2. That is some gorgeous sock yarn! Great colors and texture. I haven’t knit socks in a while…this photo could make me knit a pair or two!

  3. It really is gorgeous yarn – I’m diggin the texture, but I want to TOUCH it lol 😉 No fair this cyber yarn love only goes so far. Have a great time at TNNA Market!!

  4. Hmm…the twist looks like Koigu, but that colorway does indeed look like BMFA Farmhouse. Dang. If that’s Socks That Rock, I’m kissing my bank account goodbye.

  5. My daughter and I stopped in to The Loopy Ewe on our way across the country from CA to OH and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it was. We were warmly welcomed and given a tour and offered assistance. I just wanted to thank you Sheri for creating such a terrific place. You have chosen wonderful employees.


    Patricia Crooks

  6. That totally looks like Koigu, but could also be Abstract Fibers, Miss Babs or even Fleece Artist Hercules. In any event, must get.

  7. I haven’t bought any koigu or any STR yet, but knowing I could get them from you instead of yet another account on another website will make my bank account a little tighter!

  8. Its got to be Blue Moon Fiber Arts in Socks That Rock Lightweight in Farmhouse colorway!! JUST because I may have done a little snooping and saw that in Sheri’s stash page on Ravelry (Thats what Ravelry is for, right? Snooping through other peoples stashes and projects…)

  9. Forgot to say,
    If it is BMFA (which I am sure it is) I will reach GOLD membership by the end of this year!!!

    And PLEASE talk the girls at BMFA into dying a LOT of the Rosanna Donna colorway (My LYS carries BMFA but no Rosanna Donna which I have wanted forever!)

  10. I am in the Blue Moon Fiber Arts camp. Can’t wait to see if we are right. OH MY…if it is BMFA; I love that yarn-such amazing colors and choices, I will be in B>I>G Trouble…

  11. I’m voting for Koigu. I sent through my stash yesterday and held skeinup in front of my computer screen. Of course I could be wrong, but the same twist on the yarn as well as the close spacing on color changes.

  12. The twist doesn’t look like STR at all.. the base looks like Koigu! danger, danger! 😀 It’s beautiful, no matter what it is! 🙂

  13. Looks like Koigu….and, if it is….it’s a great yarn….wonderful “feel” as one works with it…makes great socks that feel so good!

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