Spring-Puffs-1Well last week it felt like Spring with temps in the low 70’s. But this week? Not so much. Although our latest predicted blizzard didn’t come through on Monday night, it was just 10 degrees when I woke up this morning. Brrrr. Even though it’s not quite Spring on the outside, it’s spring on the inside here at The Loopy Ewe. (You know it’s official when we change the displays!)

Spring-Puffs-2Do you like my flowers? I used the Pompom Tool Kit to do these in a couple of different sizes, but of course you can also just cut a piece of cardboard the width you want it, then wrap the yarn around and around and around. (Much more yarn than you think, if you want the poms to look fluffy. And you do, of course.) I had seen stems made from twigs, but since we have a lot of vintage knitting needles on display around here, I thought they’d make a better stem. I just poked the pointy end through the top of the pom and a flower was born! I tried to make a couple of pom poms on a Christmas gift in December and my make-shift poms were just pathetic. That’s when I decided we needed the little kit. In addition to the flowers, I’ll be making some nice package poms with my leftover yarn bits and bobs, because who doesn’t like pom poms?

Is it feeling springier in your neck of the woods?

Sheri whoalsonoticedkeeled-overdaffodilsonthewaytoworkthismorning.Sad.


  1. Sadly no, I woke up to snow on the ground and another 6 – 8″ predicted during the next 24 hours. I wanted to leave room for yarn in my suitcase to fling and not have to fill it with winter clothes …

  2. Here close to Washington DC, it is SUMMER! Spring will come later, I guess, but we have 80 degree weather right now!

    Hope your spring comes soon! I love your Loopy flowers — they might look good in a variegated yarn, too!

  3. Linda – just bring a warm shawl. 🙂

    Jan – I can’t even imagine 80 degree weather right now! We do, however, have a beautiful sunny day here. That part I like. And yes, I think the flowers would be fun to try in a variegated, too.

  4. Unfortunately in Washington DC we only have 2 seasons. Summer and winter. We are now in Summer. it was 90 today.

    Happy knitting,

  5. The weatherman LIES!!!!! I guess he wasn’t using a weather rock. We got a dusting of snow during that “blizzard” on Monday. You’re right Sheri…Brrrrrrr. Was 8* last night again. Only real issue I faced – lots of ice that froze the garage door shut. And before anyone asks…yes, your neighbors think you’re an idiot when you use a hair dryer to try and melt ice to get the door open.

  6. They wouldn’t think that if they found themselves locked out of their own cars that morning, too. They might ask to borrow your hair dryer!

  7. Your flowers are nice! Spring would be great, but it got lost and summer weather is visiting this week. Snow one week, short spring, now summer. No wonder we’re sick. At least I’ve recovered enough to knit again. You can send a tiny bit of the cold to the mid-Atlantic and maybe we’ll get spring.

  8. It was close to 80 yesterday in Oklahoma and we had sleet this morning. Our redbud blooms on the trees were encased in ice for awhile today. 🙁 I do hope they recover to re-bloom. They are my favorite tree. Our daffodils and tulips were out also and had bloomed.

  9. Sounds like we may need boots for fling! I was hoping to not have to wear a winter coat but will love to wear all my scaves and shawls and cowls!

    1. Robin – probably not boots, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring a scarf and shawl. You’ll mostly be inside anyway, so I think you can leave the winter coat home. Even on the coldest days, the sun is so warm that you don’t need heavy coats most days!

  10. Its rapidly passing from spring into summer here in the Sacramento valley! Yesterday was so warm (80s) I turned on the A/c for a while! While very good for my growing vegetable garden, it is getting too close to summer-like weather to suit me (I don’t do well in the heat). Pompons sound and look wonderful, but I can just see the havoc my kitties would cause if they saw them within paw range!

  11. I thought you had big mums in your vases! Great pompom making! And I’m with Jan.. live near Dulles Airport outside DC and it’s HOT! Yesterday and today, but we may get rain later and in the night which will cool things off somewhat and we’ll be back in the 60s (is that literally or figuratively???) At some point the weather will make up its mind and we’ll be sorry about the high heat and humidity….

  12. Marti – my cats would do the same thing if I took those pom poms home!

    Martina – I think I need to make these in fall colors in September, because they remind me of Mums, too.

  13. Love the pom pom flowers. What a great idea and with my tendency to kill plants the perfect solution for me — might just have to make a few today. I need some SPRING—- freezing rain and snowing up here in the Great North Woods. UNFORTUNATELY another 3-5 inches of the white stuff predicted for tonight. I hope my weatherman isn’t any better than yours was with his predictions. I’m so DONE with winter!

  14. I sure hope Sheri’s luck holds out for us in Ottawa ON. The weather is predicting 6 to 8 inches of snow/sleet/rain tonight and tomorrow! I may be the last person with snowtires still on my car, but now I feel my weather cynicism is vindicated.

    At least I have lots of knitwear!

  15. Cheryl and Anneh – more snow for both of your areas? Well, the good news is that it’s always fun to knit when there’s a storm brewing outside!

  16. I am in Baltimore, where it was chilly last week and 91 degrees yesterday, a new record. I need to have some Spring!! Although over the weekend it is supposed to go to lows in the 30’s and 40’s. So maybe Spring can come next week…

  17. Here in St. Louis it was 80 yesterday, and then the tornadoes hit. Now were down in the 40-50’s range.

    BTW, have you made any decisions about when Camp Loopy will be starting? I’m going to plan my summer knitting around it….

  18. Boy, those flowers are great! I just bought a potted Gerber Daisy at the grocery on Tuesday cause I couldn’t stand it anymore!!! Here in dairyland, we have had ice, sleet, snow and cold!!! I am so jealous of everyone who has had the warmer temps! I will just keep knitting my challenge project, snuggled up inside and watching movies!

  19. I love your pompom flowers. I am so copying that! I have these vintage straights that were my grandmothers that are in many cases useless unless I can knit with different sizes together since I only have one of the needle. But I have not been able to just get rid of them because of the sentimental value. Now I have an excuse. Thanks!

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