Spring-Puffs-1Well last week it felt like Spring with temps in the low 70’s. But this week? Not so much. Although our latest predicted blizzard didn’t come through on Monday night, it was just 10 degrees when I woke up this morning. Brrrr. Even though it’s not quite Spring on the outside, it’s spring on the inside here at The Loopy Ewe. (You know it’s official when we change the displays!)

Spring-Puffs-2Do you like my flowers? I used the Pompom Tool Kit to do these in a couple of different sizes, but of course you can also just cut a piece of cardboard the width you want it, then wrap the yarn around and around and around. (Much more yarn than you think, if you want the poms to look fluffy. And you do, of course.) I had seen stems made from twigs, but since we have a lot of vintage knitting needles on display around here, I thought they’d make a better stem. I just poked the pointy end through the top of the pom and a flower was born! I tried to make a couple of pom poms on a Christmas gift in December and my make-shift poms were just pathetic. That’s when I decided we needed the little kit. In addition to the flowers, I’ll be making some nice package poms with my leftover yarn bits and bobs, because who doesn’t like pom poms?

Is it feeling springier in your neck of the woods?

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