Covered With Snow!

Swan Mountain RoadWe had a great Snow Day yesterday! (Not a Snow Day in terms of being off from school or work, but a Snow Day in terms of it being beautiful and white and wintery all day long). I know the Midwest was hit by a big snowstorm yesterday, too. I love snow and am always happy to see those big flakes coming down. Knitting Daughter and I took last weekend off for a Girls Birthday Weekend higher up in the mountains (here’s a photo I took while we were there) and got a lot of knitting and movie watching done. OK, and a little bit of shopping. But mostly we wanted to just hang out and knit.

Bulky MittensOne of the projects I worked on last weekend was a pair of mittens. (It’s a free pattern: Super Bulky Mittens).You might remember that I made a pair of these before Christmas, too. I gave those to my sweet mother-in-law. But I knew at that time that I’d have to make myself a pair. They are just so thick and warm. I used Malabrigo Rasta, but I think these would be equally gorgeous in Fibre Company Tundra, Shalimar Missy, or Spud and Chloe Outer. If I had anyone else to make mittens for, I’d make another pair. They knit up so quickly and are fun to make. Like before, I changed the pattern slightly by adding  10 rows of ribbing on the cuffs and added a total of 4 stitches to each mitten to make it a little larger. The pattern calls for 66 yards, so I used a bit more than that with my additions. Given the snow yesterday, it’s a good thing I made them last weekend, just in time to keep my hands warm!

This weekend I’m finishing my Loopy Cakes CowlI’m on my last stripe, finishing another (shhh – secret) project, and then perhaps starting a new shawl with the yarn and beads I played with last week. Are you knitting this weekend? What are you going to work on?

Sheri snowalsogivesoneanexcusetosayinsideandknitbythefire.

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  1. I am working on a pair of socks made from Trekking XXL I hope to finsh them soon. I am also working on a sweater that I started years ago and soon, very soon it will be done! Then I will start on my next sweater. I really need a Madeline Tosh DK Monday update soon.

  2. I’m starting on a big beautiful lace stole that has a crocheted edge and using Malabrigo Silkpaca. By far the most luxurious yarn splurge I’ve ever done; I just can’t wait to start working with this yarn!

  3. Love the mittens! The picture is beautiful, but did you make the snowman in the picture? Good thing you had toasty mittens to wear…

  4. Your mittens look so snuggly and warm! I hope to finish my First Quarter Challenge (Cream & Sugar Cowl) and maybe start another one! I doubt I finish it but hope to make good progress on the second Into the Whirled Fierce & Flawless Sock. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

  5. Ha ha – Carol, we did not make the snowman. In fact, it was so cold when I took the photo (snow blowing up there at that peak) that I didn’t even notice the snowman when I was standing there taking it!

  6. I love winter and the snow. Perfect knitting weather. Let’s see, I’m knitting “A Nice Ribbed Sock” by Glenna C, a “Shallows” Cowl from Blue Peninsula out of Madtosh Merino light in Thyme, and an Argyle Baby Cardigan from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. About to frog the body of an adult cardigan which shall not be mentioned!

  7. Great mittens! I love snow, too, as does Salty Dog, though Oonagh seems rather perplexed by it all. As for what I’m working on, my first quarter challenge mitts and a cowl out of Tundra. Should keep me occupied for a while. 😀

  8. You can make me mittens! 🙂 I love snow and we don’t get nearly enough of it in Seattle. I am trying to finish up my Tilia sweater this weekend (just have the hem on the collar to go but I hate picking up stitches) and I also have a plain sock in progress.

  9. I’m knitting a hat and mittens for my sister. Those Loopy Cakes have been tempting me. Must go answer the call now.

  10. I didn’t do as much knitting as I planned to over the weekend, but I am working on a pair of socks and I already have a pattern printed up and the yarn selected for my next pair (or two)!

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