Weave a Scarf in No Time!

We offered a weaving class here at The Loopy Ewe last weekend, and it was a lot of fun! Each class participant got their own 15″ Cricket Loom and went to work, making themselves a scarf. Here they all are, learning how to warp their looms. The warping takes almost as long as the actual weaving part. You have to stretch the yarn a long way to get it the right length for a scarf.


Once the looms are warped and the excess yarn is rolled up, you can get to work with the weaving part, which seems like the most fun. Lynn, our instructor, brought her floor loom, just to keep us focused on which loom we might want to get next.


I can’t believe you can be done with a gorgeous scarf in a day! Two of the four had theirs done by the end of the day, and the other two were almost done by the time they left. Amazing. Here’s a photo of the pattern most were using – a houndstooth variation.

If you’re in our area, let us know if you’d like to take a weaving class. We’ll collect names for the next go-round. We’ll also have more 15″ Cricket Looms back in stock again soon.

So – do you weave? I can’t wait to jump in and make a scarf!

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  1. I want to learn to weave too. I wish I lived in Colorado…I would definitely sign up for the class. And it to have Lynn be the instructor would be great.

  2. Oh noes! I don’t need another craft, but that looks like so much fun. Good thing your there and not here (St. Louis) anymore or I’d head on over and buy a loom and take up weaving. Thanks for making me smile. (with all the turmoil in the middle east right now, I’m mad and sad.)

  3. The bigger loom in the center of the picture is actually a larger rigid heddle loom on a stand. It works just like the Cricket does. A true floor loom has treaddles at the floor to change the sheds, usually has more harnesses and is capable of more intricate weaving designs.

    I do love my rigid heddle and am experimenting with weaving with two heddles. It’s very addicting.

  4. I would love to learn how to weave. I will be keeping an eye on de arrival of the new looms and ask for one for Christmas!!!!! Please let us know.

  5. Boy, if you had a class on a Saturday or a Sunday, I’d drive down and take it for sure!!!!! My hubby bought me a rigid heddle loom for mother’s day this year, and I’ve been too intimidated to use it!!!

    Please offer another!

  6. I love my loom, but I haven’t tried anything like the houndstooth. Just tabby weave. I have something on the loom that I have maybe another foot of weaving left to do. I’m hoping to make it into a skirt once the fabric is washed.

  7. I made and Inkle Loom in while in high school. I made a number of scarfs using worsted yarn. I may still have one of the scarfs around. I think I would like weaving on a bigger loom now.

  8. I am taking a class next Friday and although we don’t get a loom, we can borrow one for a week or two while we finish up our projects. So, I’d love to get feedback on the 15″ Crickets. I will be learning on a Cricket, but am also looking at another brand. There are so many options and varieties that choosing the perfect one is a little overwhelming!

  9. NO….no…no….no.no……….no….NO…..no…… etc…..etc. …..etc.

    My family would surely divorce me if I started learning another craft.

  10. I’ll be in the area the last of September/first of October. Would LOVE to take a weaving class. Any chance you will do it again so soon?

  11. I have a small 8 harness table loom and a cherry 8 harness Schacht baby wolf ๐Ÿ™‚ I love doing crazy patterns with thin thread or spidersilk as Rebekah calls it!

  12. Oh dear God no! not another hobby. I can barely justify the hand spinning as it is. But it is so nice to see the results you’ve posted and I’m sure they will inspire others!

  13. That looks like such fun! I would love to come by and take a class on weaving with you guys! Everyone would end up with scarves for Christmas! LOL

  14. I JUST got my 15″ cricket loom and already finished a couple of scarf type swatches. Getting ready to set up for project using some of my fav sock yarns. I love knitting but am very very slow. Weaving yields very fast and beautiful results…I am definitely hooked and can’t wait to try out some different techniques!

  15. I got a 32″ Ashford rigid heddle loom (like a Cricket, only 32″ and made in New Zealand) in January and I love, love, LOVE weaving. I’m more into towels and napkins and table runners, with cotton, linen and bamboo and all kinds of neat fibers.

    I’m so hooked that I’m about to get a 50″ floor loom to weave blankets, towels (bath and dish) by the score, and maybe even a rug or two. It’s hard to balance knitting vs. weaving time – I’ve almost ignored knitting completely this year!

    You’re lucky that Schacht Spindle is located so close to TLE… I wish there were more weaving resources closer to me in Oklahoma!

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