Wacky Wednesday

Lots going on around here today! My yarn is ready for my Fourth Quarter Challenge project. (I’ve knit 6 rows so far. Woohoo!) This is Wollmeise Lace (color: Spice Market, which we don’t get in very often) that I picked up in Claudia’s shop in Germany and have been saving to knit into a sweater. It’s incredibly handy to have both skeins on the large sized Yarn Caddy so that they unwind without tangling as I knit. I did put a circle of cardboard between the two, just so they keep to themselves during the process.

Our Loopy Ewe Solid Series yarn is featured in a new crochet sock pattern in Interweave’s Fall 2012 Crochet Magazine, on sale now. The pattern is called Zig Zag Socks by Patsy Harbor Β and uses 1 skein each of Malachite and Pumpkin. (Photo by Harper Point Photography, used with permission.)

I finished my Charlize Shawl. I was intrigued by the open body and solid ruffle. It was quick to knit. I made the small size and used one skein of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in Slippery Trail. I love this yarn base.

And finally, for those who routinely ask about Mocha, the outdoor cat that doesn’t belong to us but thinks he does – here’s an updated photo. His beautiful fur is growing back, he likes being brushed (I’m trying to help him avoid another shaving due to mats), and he continues to like hanging out on our back deck. I’m still trying to figure out a plot to adopt him forever. I just don’t think his owners would appreciate it …

Do you have any random Wacky Wednesday news to share about your day?

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  1. I dunno – sounds to me like his owners don’t take great care of him, poor kitty. He knows he’s found a good second home. I’m sure he’s plotting to have you adopt him too. πŸ™‚

  2. We can start our 4th quarter projects already? Awesome! I cannot wait until my yarn gets here. It will be nice to start something that is theoretically easier than the lace I’ve been working on.

  3. I’m so glad to see an updated picture of Mocha………… HE LOOKS GREAT! I think he know s a good thing when he’s found it and I can’t say that I blame him.
    and YES I do want one of those brownies. Thanks Sheri I’m off to the store to get a brownie mix now……… Gotta take the easy way since baking would cut into my knitting time.

  4. Wow…..of course I am looking at the webcam while I am at work…For the very first time, I see my order being packed up….five skeins of yarn and a set a needle. Amazing how exciting that is…oh boy, I am such a Loopy Addict…….

  5. Adding another to favorites and/or queue ….. if I would get off the computer, I would have another sock finished …………..

  6. Awesome shawl! Might have to use my camp yarn for that πŸ™‚
    Rather quiet Wednesday for me other than giving into a steak craving at 10:30 in the morning!

  7. I’m on a mission to win the office chili cookoff. I brought in some of my practice batch and it went over well. So keep your fingers crossed. Each department gets to compete and they bring in some fire departments as well. The fire departments usually win, so it will be an uphill battle, but one never knows. Maybe my chili is so good that it will overcome the awesome that is a firefighter dishing up yummy food.

  8. Beautiful shawl and beautiful Mocha. He is lucky to have found you. Sounds like he needs you lots.

    Picked up my Camp Loopy beautiful yarn today. Even more luscious IRL than in the email. SOOO happy with it!

  9. You really MUST stop linking to the patterns of all of your lovely knits. I just bought Charlize AND Sacha! I don’t dare look at the brownies πŸ™‚

  10. Mocha’s getting all fluffed up for winter!

    I don’t know if it’s wacky news, but I closed on my house today- and bought sparkly yarn at the yarn shop down the street from the title office! The sparkly wine came later.

  11. Ooh, I’d love a brownie. Happy Birthday, Elves!

    I’m working on socks out of that same yarn that you just finished the shawl in: Slippery Trail. For my daughter who hiked the Superior Hiking Trail in Northern Minnesota this summer! (And who also discovered the joy of wool socks this summer as well.) They are lovely and so squooshy. I have several other things OTN though, so it’ll be a bit. My pattern is Blattwerk.

    Wacky? I’m finishing knitting a squid cozy today. Not a cozy for a squid, but a cozy (i.e. for a phone) shaped like a squid. That’s a bit wacky.

  12. Mocha looks good! Getting all his fur back just in time for cold weather! He is so lucky to have you to look after him.
    No Wacky Wednesday here, however If you want to call 55 degrees this morning- in Texas wacky- then I guess it was! Lovin the weather- ready to wear my woolie socks!

  13. Happy birthday, Elves! It’s been plenty wacky here, with a particularly cold night, and three cats waking me up this morning to tell me it was colds in the house.

  14. I love reading your blog posts because I always find something more I want to knit here – as if there isn’t enough on my “want to do” list.
    Mocha IS lucky to have you. Too bad his owners don’t just rescind ownership. He’d be so happy with you.

  15. I am going to chime in with my opinion on poor Mocha. He needs to be with you guys- inside your house! A beautiful long haired cat like that does NOT belong outside. Shame on whoever he “belongs” (I say that loosely) to. It sounds as if you are taking care of him waaaay better than the other people. Makes me so mad, I could just spit.
    Wonderful yarn and shawl Sheri. :). I have no unusual wackiness. Just getting sick.

  16. I agree with Heather-Mocha’s owners don’t take good care of him. He knows he belongs to you. Ragdolls are much too docile & trusting-not supposed to be outside. Usually breeders make you sign a contract agreeing you don’t let them out. It could only be a matter of time before a wild animal takes him(her?) as prey.
    If it were me, I would “accidentally” move Mocha inside my screen door! “Oh, my-now how DID that happen?” πŸ™‚
    Just saying…
    Now back to your home page so I can try to decide which yarn to order for DD #1’s Pfieffer Falls Hooded Scarf πŸ™‚

  17. I agree Ragdolls, which I have one of, are not suppose to be outside..when you adopt one, you sign a paper stating you will not let them go out! they do not defend themselves, thats their nature..and if Mocha is matted then poor Mocha is not taken care of…bring Mocha in and that is it…ragdolls are awesome cats…Mocha found you for a reason…
    Love all that you do..

  18. Awww! Love Himalayans! I had a Persian I routinely shaved, not because of matts, but to promote new growth. Long haired kitties don’t shed like short hairs so sometimes their fur can get to look pretty dingy, especially when it gets really long! When he was shaved really short, his fur felt like velveteen–sooooo soft!

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